81 of the World’s Greatest Travel Hackers in 2017


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Travel hackers are everywhere. A travel hacker is someone who understands the ins and outs of the travel industry and uses their experience to make their adventures more affordable, efficient, and enjoyable. However, some travel hackers understand the industry better than others, and those are the ones we sought for our comprehensive list of the 81 best travel hackers in the world. Each of the travel bloggers and industry experts below has traversed the globe, and over the years, uncovered the tricks and loopholes that make travel easier, cheaper, and simply, better.

It’s no surprise that our list is loaded with some of the world’s top travel bloggers, but this isn’t just another top-10 collection of the, “best travel blogs.” Our Flight Network team reached out to travelers from all areas of the industry, from family travel experts, luxury travel enthusiasts, and business executives to budget travelers, backpackers and journalists. Through in-depth research and analysis, our Flight Network team has completed the most comprehensive list of unbeatable travel hackers on the Web.

Hailing from around the globe, the following are the intrepid travelers who will help you save big and travel more efficiently on your next adventure. 

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About the Author:

David is a passionate Travel Blogger with hacker traits. He has travelled to 30+ countries on a budget and was forced to learn by doing.

Website: ausreiser.com




Backstreet Nomad

About the Author:

Luke is the author of the Backstreet Nomad travel blog. While being rooted in Newcastle, Australia, he has had a passion for travel instilled in him from a very young age; a passion that combines with a love of technology that not only drives his website, but also inspires him to find new ways to travel better in the modern age.

Website: backstreetnomad.com

Beautiful Places for Lovers

About the Authors:

Monique is a world traveler, wedding photographer, graphic designer and connoisseur. She married her husband Marcus (who always accompanied her on her journeys) on the beach Anse Source d’Argent in the Seychelles. Since then she’s been giving tips for wonderful honeymoons, weddings on the beach, unique hotels and romantic time outs on her travel blog. May her blog inspire you!

Website: beautiful-places.de

Berkeley and Beyond

About the Author:

Carole is a travel writer and blogger and is naturally good at travel hacking.

Website: berkeleyandbeyond.com


About the Author:

With more than 45 years of traveling the world, first as an international businessman and nowadays as an international travel blogger, Denis Gagnon has accumulated more air miles than just about anyone else, except perhaps for some older airline pilots. With their travel blog rated as the most influential travel blog in the world, Denis and his wife Lynn continue to share their joie de vivre as BonVoyageurs!

Website: bonvoyageurs.com

Box of Light

About the Author:

Morrison is a photographer and writer based in Dunedin, New Zealand. He runs the surf, mountain and lifestyle photo blog Box of Light, which has been running for more than six years with stories from New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. He writes and shoots for various publications throughout the world and has produced work for several books.

Website: boxoflight.com


About the Author:

Diana is the writer behind BrowsingItaly – a travel website featuring unique and personal stories from
Italy. Readers regularly use the site as a source for useful, interesting and
inspirational travel information. Articles on the website include places off-the-
beaten path, culinary and wine experiences, travel tips, as well as
videos and photos from all corners of Italy.

Website: browsingitaly.com

Burger Abroad

About the Author:

Amanda Burger is a travel writer that is here to find out if there’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking. Wait, no, that’s Zoolander. She’s a full-time vegan traveler that has visited 30 countries in the World and has no particular place she calls home.
Website: burgerabroad.com





About the Author:

David Sternlight,  is the founder and CEO of Cabeau which creates exceptional and affordable travel products for all of life’s journeys. Our company began with one simple mission: to find a travel pillow that actually works. What started with the Evolution® Pillow has now evolved into a smart assortment of solution-driven products. Each one is specifically designed to make travel easier, more manageable and infinitely more comfortable, turning every trip into a first-class experience. Cabeau’s award-winning travel pillows, comfort products, and accessories are available in over 110 countries worldwide.

Website: cabeau.com

Calculated Traveller

About the Author:

Mary Chong is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A travel writer / world cruiser and founder of Calculated Traveller. A Canadian-based travel blog/travel magazine with informative travel advice, helpful tips, honest reviews, and travel inspiration for destinations throughout the world. Sharing our photos and memories of our adventures from both near and far; each article focuses on budget planning/preparation for all types of travellers across a wide range of travel experiences.

Website: calculatedtraveller.com

Carmens Luxury Travel

About the Author:

Carmen Edelson, Founder of Carmen’s Luxury Travel is a travel influencer, and writer, specializing in luxury and family travel. Her travel hacking expertise is collecting frequent flier points and miles to get free flights and hotel stays.

Website: carmensluxurytravel.com

Cash Cow Couple

About the Author:

Jacob is a PhD candidate, currently teaching more than 100,000 monthly readers how to build wealth, travel for free, and secure financial freedom.

Website: cashcowcouple.com

Chasing The Donkey

About the Authors:

The Begonja Family, a married couple from Australia who packed up their lives in Australia (along with their son) and moved to Croatia. Have been travelling the world together for 20 years and picked up some great little hacks over the years.

Website: chasingthedonkey.com

CleverDever Wherever

About the Author:

Juliana Dever is an avid traveler who has visited 48 countries, and flies over 100,000 miles a year. She’s always searching for the local’s perspective, which leads to staying in lots of apartments and sometimes yurts. Traveling light is always the goal, but traveling organized is a major theme every time she packs.

Website: cleverdeverwherever.com

Corporate Traveler

About the Author:

Jordan Payne is a Marketing Manager and Corporate Traveler – Working in travel for almost a decade.

Website: corporatetraveler.us


About the Author:

Pavia Rosati is the founder of Fathom, the travel website where the inspirational meets the practical.

Website: fathomaway.com

Finding the Universe

About the Author:

Laurence is a professional travel blogger and photographer who’s always travelling the world and looking for the best deals on everything from flights to phone data!

Website: findingtheuniverse.com


About the Authors:

LeAnna and Andy, two normal people who decided to move to Europe to travel. But travel is EXPENSIVE (if you let it be). After over SIXTY credit cards in their names (and a damn near perfect credit score, mind you) and millions of points and miles earned, they rarely pay for flights or hotels now a days. Instead, they get to travel the world (Currently at 41 countries and 100+ cities visited) for close to free!

Website: flyermiler.com

Freedom Surfer

About the Author:

Simon is a location independent entrepreneur. He’s been traveling the world non-stop for many years, running his businesses remotely. He’s visited more than 50 countries and has been on hundreds of flights. He regularly writes about his experience living this amazing lifestyle on his website.

Website: freedomsurfer.com




Geeky Explorer

About the Author:

Bruno is a travel blogger and simultaneously a digital geek. On his website Geeky Explorer he shares the insider advice and his best travel tips for everyone to become a travel smart.

Website: geekyexplorer.com

Global Gallivanting

About the Author:

Anna Phipps is a travel writer, blogger and digital nomad who quit her job in the UK in 2012 to travel full time. She shares her tips for traveling on a budget and making money abroad on her blog www.global-gallivanting.com and her work has also been featured in The Guardian Newspaper, Wanderlust Magazine, Times of India, Expedia, Skyscanner, Insight Guides, World Nomads and more.

Website: global-gallivanting.com

Global Brunch

About the Author:

Maria Berz is the founder of the travel blog Global Brunch, and is a freelance digital expert & storyteller. She travels the globe in search of epic landscapes, fascinating cultures & international cuisine. She wants to help people to experience the world, even with a limited budget and time frame.

Website: globalbrunch.com

Global Grasshopper

About the Author:

Becky is a semi nomadic traveller but otherwise the UK-based owner of Global Grasshopper – an award winning blog and resource for independent travellers. She runs a site dedicated to unravelling the secrets of the world’s most unique, under-the-radar and beautiful places.

Website: globalgrasshopper.com

Going Awesome Places

About the Author:

Will of Going Awesome Places has travelled since he was a kid, he’s been to 46 countries and 6 continents. Along the way he’s picked up a travel hack or two and is now one of the topics he writes about in his travel blog that also focuses on outdoor adventure and experiential travel.

Website: goingawesomeplaces.com


About the Author:

Josh is an award winning Airline Blogger. He blogs about airlines and compares their products to help you make the right choice. If he doesn’t fly, he road trips Afghanistan or hitchhikes to Iran. His base is in Beijing and currently he’s enjoying his life in China.

Website: gotravelyourway.com





About the Authors:

After a decade working nine-to-nine, Mike and Anne Howard decided that life is short and their bucket list was long . . . so they quit their jobs, rented out their apartment, and embarked on a trip around the world. Five years later, they are still at it—traveling across seven continents and more than 50 countries. From frequent flyer tickets to free lodging, no-cost volunteering, and hidden-gem destinations, the Howards point out ways you can transfer from the “tourist track” to true local immersion and have amazing adventures on any budget.

Website: honeytrek.com




I am Aileen

About the Author:

At 21, Aileen quit her corporate job in the Philippines to pursue her dreams of traveling the world and building her own business. It all seemed crazy, especially because she was young and broke — but after a few months… she made it all happen! Today, she is a successful digital nomad (online entrepreneur, travel blogger and travel vlogger) living a sustainable travel lifestyle. Her mission? To show YOU how it is absolutely possible to create a life of travel, and will help you achieve that as she shares her detailed travel guides, adventures, resources, tips, and MORE!

Website: iamaileen.com

Independent Travel Cats

About the Author:

Jessica Norah runs the popular couples travel blog Independent Travel Cats as well as the travel photography blog Finding the Universe with her husband Laurence.

Website: independenttravelcats.com





About the Author:

Kimberly Fisher is a World Traveler, TV Host and Blogger. She grew up in Alaska and has traveled to 56 countries and almost every US State. Her travels have taken her to sipping champagne cliffside in Portofino, to feeding sharks in Tahiti, yacht racing with the Abu Dhabi race team, swimming in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, exploring the jungles of Belize with a monkey howling tour guide, following the Silk Road in China and riding camels in the Gobi Desert.

Kimberly started her lifestyle blog to to encourage others to live their best life by being a unique trendsetter and exposing her readers to her world travels as well as her minimalistic taste in fashion, food, and beauty.

When not traveling, you can find her at home in New York City with her husband and Samoyed puppy dog Jasper (follow his adventures on Instagram @Jasper.the.Samoyed).

Website: jetsetera.net

Jones Around The World

About the Author:

Dave Anderson has been living, working, and traveling abroad since 2011. He started travel-hacking and signing-up for credit cards for the rewards many years ago, and has been addicted to it ever since he booked his first flight with miles. He’s always looking for great deals, and new ways to maximize his miles.

Website: jonesaroundtheworld.com

Journalist On The Run

About the Author:

Janet is an award winning travel writer and journalist from Ireland. She has been blogging about her travels for close to a decade and has lived on five out of seven continents… so far.

Website: journalistontherun.com

Just Cocktails

About the Author:

Philippe is a professional consultant in the hospitality industry and has had years with hundreds of flights within them. He’s worked within the luxury hotel, restaurant and bar industries and has found his travel hacks out of necessity.

Website: justcocktails.org

Justin Plus Lauren

About the Author:

Lauren Yakiwchuk is a Canadian travel blogger who loves outdoor and urban adventures. She often travels with her boyfriend, Justin, as well as with friends or even on her own. Lauren writes about eco-friendly travel, exploring nature, responsible wildlife tourism, and where to find the best vegan meals around the world. She loves cats, coffee, and hiking.

Website: justinpluslauren.com




Kiwi Travel Writer

About the Author:

Heather has been travelling the world since 1995 and everything she’s learned has been from the school of hard knocks. she blogs, and writes for print, and only writes about places she’s been, things she’s done, and the mistakes she’s made

Website: kiwitravelwriter.com




Little Things Travel

About the Author:

Marissa is the founder of Little Things Travel, where she writes about overcoming barriers in order to explore the world and ultimately appreciate the little things in life. She is an avid Southwest flyer and a Companion Pass holder, and she nerds out about spreadsheets to organize her travel credit cards and bonuses. She is a Chicago native but is currently based in Boulder, Colorado where she seeks out any adventures she can in between her travels.

Website: littlethingstravel.com

Local Adventurer

About the Authors:

Esther & Jacob are ATLiens who move to a new city every year to explore like locals. Whether traveling local or abroad, they are all about traveling light. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you need, but it’s all about packing smarter.

Website: localadventurer.com




Making Sense of Cents

About the Author:

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is the founder of Making Sense of Cents, a blog where she helps over 300,000 readers each month earn more, save more, and live more. She currently travels full-time with her husband and two dogs.

Website: makingsenseofcents.com

Mel 365

About the Author:

Stef Ferro has been working and travelling all around the globe for the last 25 years. She worked with one of the biggest travel reservation system to improve the system and learned one or two hidden secrets. 5 years ago she left her IT job to start a business and website based uniquely on her passion, travel photography. She has been working and collaborating with most of the photography manufacturers to review cameras and lenses that fit into the travel photography market.

Website: mel365.com

Mikes Road Trip

About the Author:

Mike Shubic is the publisher of MikesRoadTrip.com, a well established travel blog he started back in 2010. Mike does the exploring, so you can have an adventure. He is an expert traveler who has spanned the globe several times. Mike has been on the Travel Channel, worked with USA Today, Travel + Escape and has worked with dozens of destinations, hotels and travel brands, including Travelocity where he is part of the Gnomad team.

Website: mikesroadtrip.com/category/road-diary

Miles Addict

About the Author:

Ten years ago, Guillaume was fixing the largest video surveillance systems in the world. From his home base in Switzerland, he was traveling extensively and was never home more than one week a month.

One Friday night, as he was about to fly home after a week in a very secure facility in Moscow, he got a call from a coworker:
“We need you in Vegas on Monday. Which hotel do you want us to book for you?”

He’s quite tall (1.96m or 6’5″ if you prefer imperial units) and company policy was to get the cheapest airfare you can find, even really tiring when you need to Tokyowork right after sitting for 13 hour straight in an Economy seat.

As any good engineer facing a tough problem would do, he started to look for a solution. How can he travel in comfort? How can he get anywhere on the world and feel refreshed on arrival? “How can I afford this?” he asked himself.

This was how he discovered a secret that most people never learn. This was how he discovered Travel Hacking.

Other than short hops around Europe or Asia, this Vegas trip was his last flight in Economy Class.

Travel Hacking? Is it legal? Yep. Totally.

Travel Hacking? What is it? It is a way to find tricks and loopholes in the travel system in order to maximise your travel experience while minimizing the damage to your wallet.

You want to fly Business or First class for the price of Economy? Great. Travel Hacking makes this possible.

You want to stay in luxury hotels around the world for the price of a motel? Yep, you guessed it. Travel Hacking makes this possible.

Website: milesaddict.com


About the Author:

Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan is founder and chief mombassador of MomAboard.com, which is a platform that unites families and local moms. Like other fellow Mom travelers,  Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawanwe knows that trip planning can be stressful and extremely time-confusing. Part of the problem is that parents today face information overload with content from several unreliable sources. Her platform offers a curated and customized solution to this problem. Simply fill out the intake form and tell her about your family – demographics, interests, budgets, trip goals, pet peeves. This information is then fed to one of her “Mombassadors”, local moms who have been hand picked because of their knowledge of their cities and their understanding of the experience of traveling with kids. Mombassadors create the perfectly customized itinerary, complete with transportation, babysitting and emergency contact information.

The average trip takes 8 hours to plan. MomAboard sorts you out in 5 minutes and currently offers service to 60 destinations around the world. ”

Website: momaboard.com

Mommy Gearest

About the Author:

Andrea Traynor is founder and editor-in-chief of Mommy Gearest, which is one of Canada’s most-read personal lifestyle blogs. More than 50 per cent of the content on MommyGearest.com is travel-related, and in addition to writing about solo, family, luxury and adventure travel experiences and destinations, she’s also a total travel gear nerd. Every month, she shops for travel, packs for travel and spends a lot of time in transit. Over the years, she’s learned a hack or two to help save time and make her adventures as easy and comfortable as possible.

Website: mommygearest.com

Money Crashers

About the Author:

Andrew Schrage is the founder and editor-in-chief of Money Crashers. Money Crashers is one of the top personal finance, business, and lifestyle sites dedicated to providing essential and practical education, tips, and strategies that people can implement in their own daily lives as a way to drastically improve their lifestyles and decrease their stress. is one of Canada’s most-read personal lifestyle blogs.

Website: Moneycrashers.com




Nomad App

About the Author:

Eva Reder is the Co-Founder of NomadApp (a travel chatbot on facebook messenger) and a travel Instagrammer. She writes about travel hacking for her community of 70k travelers on Instagram @nomadapp_co and her blog. She’s been to over 30 countries herself and never spent more than $500 USD on a flight. One of the coolest things she ever hacked was Vienna – New York. Regular prices for a one-way ticket were around $400 USD. She got there for $180 USD. How? She took a $9 USD bus to Prague and booked a Norwegian Airlines flight for $150 USD to Boston. From there she took a $15 USD bus to New York. Right now she’s building an app and facebook chatbot “Nomado” that does all of the travel hacking for you. If you’re interested in beta testing it before the launch sign up on her website.

Website: nomadapp.co

Nomads Nation

About the Author:

Aaron Radcliffe. 28y/o. 5 years international travel. 30ish countries. Lived in USA, farmed for three months in South Portugal, taught English for a year in Hong Kong. He’s been approved for 17 credit cards over the past few years and has accumulated millions of miles because of them. He also created The Two Nomad Commandments, which is a list of Travel Hacks presented in an easy to digest blueprint. The commandments exist to help aspiring travelers understand exactly how perpetual travel is attainable (click link below to access the guide).

Website: nomadsnation.com/how-to-travel-the-world-for-free





About the Author:

Olielo is a luxury travel blog where we share detailed reviews about luxury hotels, spas and restaurants around the world.

Website: olielo.com




Pick Your Trail

About the Author:

Srinath Shankar is a passionate start-up co-founder and runs a successfully bootstrapped Travel-Tech startup called PickYourTrail which has won prestigious awards like:

Top 30 tech startups in India by YourStory
Top 10 innovative startups in APAC by Phocuswright

His Daily work involves building innovative tech products which helps create memorable vacations for travellers. This reflects in a Facebook rating of 4.9 out of 5 across 275+ reviews.

Besides this he takes immense interest in professional travel hacking and has managed to score unbelievable flight deals by gaming the airlines website ethically.
Travel hacking is a lesser known hobby in India due to limited opportunities in terms of loyalty programs and Credit Card programs encouraging travel points accumulation. It also becomes challenging because Indian passport holders have to consider visa implications before taking off on impulsive travel. He aspires to follow in the footsteps of his inspirations – Nomadic Matt, Casey Neistat, and The Points Guy.

Website: pickyourtrail.com

Points and Travel

About the Author:

Dr. Cacinda Maloney is an experienced luxury travel writer, photographer, and social media influencer, Dr. Cacinda Maloney shares her love of travel with thousands of readers on her website PointsandTravel.com. A life-long learner, Dr. Maloney has been traveling every 6 weeks of her life for over 25 years as a lifestyle choice. She now travels even more than that, making it to 47 countries in 2016. She travels the world searching for soft adventure, culture, and smart luxury travel experiences.

Website: pointsandtravel.com

Points With a Crew

About the Author:

Dan Miller runs Points With a Crew, a site focused on helping families (especially larger families) travel for free / cheap. He lives with his wife and SIX (!) kids in Cincinnati Ohio.

Website: pointswithacrew.com

Project Inspo

About the Author:

In April 2013, lifestyle photographer Jinna Yang left her corporate fashion job, luxury apartment and life in New York City to travel the world. She started sharing stories of her adventures on PROJECT INSPO, inspiring others to live life with purpose and follow their dreams.

Jinna’s work has been published in Conde Nast Traveler, The Huffington Post, Time Magazine, CNN Travel, Yahoo, BBC World Radio, and hundreds of other media outlets around the world.

Website: projectinspo.com

Pure Wander

About the Author:

Eileen Cotter Wright is a pro travel writer and blogger. Based in London, she’s explored dozens of countries. Her specialty is luxury travel experiences without breaking the bank.

Website: purewander.com




Regev Elya

About the Author:

Many years ago Regev Elya started an online business which allowed him to travel the world nonstop for the past couple years. He’s been to 50 countries already, lived on almost every continent — all while packing little to nothing.

Website: regevelya.com/travel-gear/




Saverocity – The Deal Mommy

About the Author:

Dia Adams has earned and redeemed over five million miles and points with her husband and two kids along for the ride. With extensive trial (and occasional error) her family has learned to balance passion for travel with the reality of, well, real life. Dia blogs at TheDealMommy.com and at TravelingMom.com to share hacks that help families travel more while still maintaining their savings and sanity.

Website: saverocity.com/thedealmommy

Nomadic Boys

About the Authors:

Nomadic Boys are a couple (Stefan and Sébastien) who have been travelling the world together for 3 years who both run nomadicboys.com and write for secretflying.com

Website: Nomadicboys


About the Author:

Scotty Reiss runs SheBuysCars.com – The mission of SheBuysCars is to empower women to be smarter, happier car owners, and that includes smart solutions for car travel. The team of writers, influencers and experts share car review, travel tips, negotiating strategies and more every day on their site and social channels.

Website: shebuyscars.com

Susan Shain

About the Author:

Susan is a freelance writer who’s been traveling and eating around the world since 2008.

Website: susanshain.com




Travel Hacking 101

About the Author:

Richard Kerr is The Points Guy Senior Points and Miles Contributor at ThePointsGuy.com, founder of the Travel Hacking 101 Facebook community (with 20,000 members) and COO of TravelingDad.com, He’s also Co-Founder of ThePointsConsultants.org and contributor to many other sites and blogs.

Website: Facebook.com/groups/travelhacking101

Teacake Travels

About the Author:

Alice Teacake is a fear-fighting adventure solo female traveller, on a mission to encourage women to push their boundaries and reach their full potential through challenging travel. She’s been on an adventure for the last 7 years, picking up travel hacks from her fellow travellers and backstreet locals down the pub.

Website: teacaketravels.com

The Barefoot Nomad

About the Author:

Before becoming professional travel bloggers 7 years ago, Charles Kosman did everything from backpacking through Asia to living in a van in the Australian outback. Now he travels the world with his 2 kids to see the world again through their eyes.

Website: thebarefootnomad.com

The Barefoot Nomad

About the Author:

Margherita is a cat lover and mountain junkie, and The Crowded Planet’s writer. Coffee, sleeping in and laughing are some of the things she loves. She also likes finding ways to travel cheaper and for longer, without compromising on fun!

Website: thecrowdedplanet.com

The Honeymoon Guy

About the Author:

Michael “The Honeymoon Guy”. His nickname comes from the fact that he planned and pulled off an around-the-world honeymoon for him and his wife, all at a fraction of the cost of a standard honeymoon. They visited Maui, Tokyo, the Philippines, and a safari and Cape Town in South Africa. He now shares travel tips with others, to help them get champagne travel on a beer budget!

Website: thehoneymoonguy.com

The Poor Traveler

South America

About the Authors:

Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos are the bloggers behind the budget travel site The Poor Traveler. Before becoming full-time travelers, they used to work as marketing consultants to a number of travel companies including airlines and hotel comparison sites.

Website: thepoortraveler.net

The Thirsty Tourist

About the Authors:

Carolynne is a one half of Canadian travel blogger duo with her husband Chris. They are passionate about all things travel. On their little piece of the interweb they share travel ideas, musings, and backyard adventures. Both Carolynne and Chris happily hold down 9-5 jobs and believe that everyone should travel. Jet setting together for 8+ years – they have no intentions of slowing down!

Website: thethirstytourist.com

The Travel Expert

About the Author:

Sarah Slattery worked as a travel agent in Ireland for 24 years before starting her own travel blog, thetravelexpert.ie, two years ago. She visited over 50 countries and organised holidays for thousands of people so she likes to think she learned a few travel hacks a long the way! She is now regarded as one of Ireland’s top travel bloggers and is regularly feature on television, radio programs and various media outlets.

Website: thetravelexpert.ie

The World Pursuit

About the Author:

Natasha Alden is one half of the travel website, The World Pursuit. She has traveled across 60 countries on six continents. She is currently exploring the beautiful African continent.

Website: theworldpursuit.com

The Thought Card

About the Author:

Danielle Desir is a Travel Finance Strategist that uses her financial background and knack for financial planning to empower those who want to travel afford travel and excel in their personal finances. She shares creative planning strategies, saving tips, cheap flights and even talks about her student loan repayment journey on her blog, The Thought Card.

Website: thoughtcard.com

Thrifty Nomads

About the Authors:

Jen and Ted are the frugal Canadians behind Thrifty Nomads. In 2013 they sold all their possessions to pursue a nomadic life of travel, and haven’t looked back since. Years of frugal living on the road have taught them infinite travel hacks, from finding error fares and ways to get free accommodation, to mastering points hacking and relocating RVs worldwide for as little as 1 cent per day. Thrifty Nomads is a leading budget travel blog with over 300k visitors per month, and a combined social media following of over 28,000 thrifty readers.

Website: thriftynomads.com

Time Travel Turtle

About the Author:

Michael Turtle is a full time traveller who has been running one of the world’s most popular travel blogs for almost six years. He has travelled to more than 60 countries and has no plans on stopping.

Website: timetravelturtle.com

Tips for Family Trips

About the Author:

Allison Laypath is the founder and editor of the family travel blog Tips for Family Trips. Allison and her husband took their first child on a two-week road trip when she was four weeks old and has been traveling as a family ever since. She believes that travel makes families stronger, smarter and happier.

Website: tipsforfamilytrips.com

Travel Addicts

About the Authors:

Working a 50-hour-per-week desk job with only 3 weeks of vacation per year doesn’t mean you can’t see the world. Since 2008, Lance and Laura Longwell have been writing the popular Travel Addicts blog. They focus on showing readers how to maximize a North American vacation allotment while cave tubing in Belize, cruising the Nile in Egypt, or exploring the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Business travel and a desire to mix convenience with value have led them to use frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty programs regularly to offset the costs of travel and gain upgrades (who doesn’t want to fly first class to Paris?). They write about their experiences with points and miles, teaching others the art of travel hacking.

Website: traveladdicts.net

Travel Dudes

About the Author:

Melvin is the mind behind Travel Dudes – an industry leader within the field of travel influencer marketing. In partnership with clients they create cost-effective, inspirational and engaging travel content for digital and social platforms, reaching an audience of over four million travelers each month!

Website: traveldudes.org

Travel Experta

About the Author:

Marina Kuperman Villatoro is CEO of TravelExperta.com, a travel resource site to inspire families to travel with kids of all ages. She’s been an expat 15+ years in Central America raising 2 boys in a multicultural, trilingual household. Marina and her family travel all over the world. Needless to say, it’s never boring! So find out where you can eat, stay and play with your kids all around the world.

Website: travelexperta.com

Traveling Ted

About the Author:

Ted Nelson is the mind behind Traveling Ted. Based out of Chicago. Ted has been adventure traveling for over 30 years canoeing, hiking, cross-country skiing, and traveling internationally.

Website: travelingted.com


About the Author:

Ajay Sood is a travel photographer and story teller who makes destinations desirable. With over 100 published stories and over 30 countries behind him, his useful hacks has saved him enough to get at least two extra trips.

Website: travelure.in

Travel With Bender

About the Author:

Josh is the driving force behind the world’s leading family travel blog, Travel With Bender. His extensive entrepreneurial experience combined with a passion for photography and online marketing has been recognized with many industry awards along with features in Forbes, Bloomberg, Lonely Planet, Yahoo, Matador, national TV news, Australian Associated Press, and numerous other prominent publications and magazines.

Website: travelwithbender.com

Travel with the Smile

About the Author:

Maya is an active traveler who can’t sit still. Always looking for new outdoor adventures usually related to the mountains. Ever since she was little, her parents taught her travel hacks so she can be a smarter traveler while saving some money. While traveling on her own for the past 5 years, she learned many new hacks along the way, either from fellow travelers or from making her own mistakes. She’s traveled extensively around Europe and North America throughout her life and is currently using travel hacking in South America.

Website: travelwiththesmile.com




Veg Travel & Fitness

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Portland, Oregon-based freelance writer and blogger Teresa Bergen, specializes in travel, fitness and vegan lifestyle.

Website: vegtravelandfitness.com




Wallet Hacks

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Jim Wang has been writing about personal finance for over 10 years and has traveled inside and outside the United States on numerous occasions. While not the most seasoned travel hacker, he’s learned to incorporate many of the more clever hacks into his travel to save a little money and a lot of headache.

Website: wallethacks.com

When Tara Met Blog

About the Author:

Parenting travel blogger for TravelingMom.com and Huffington Post

Website: tarametblog.com

Wherever I May Roam Blog

About the Authors:

Taylor Pittman Hardy runs a mother/daughter blog that specializes in luxury travel and food. They have been all over and want to share their travels with you.

Website: whereverimayroamblog.com

World School Family

About the Authors:

Rachel Denning is the mother of seven children, they’ve traveled to and lived in 30+ countries on 5 continents over the past 10 years.

Website: worldschoolfamily.org


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About the Author: Courtney McCaffrey

Courtney McCaffrey is a travel writer and editor based in Wilmington, N.C, Mexico and around the world. In addition to writing, she lives for travel - seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and surfing new waves.

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