9 Killer Festivals That Will Have You Dancing Your Way Through Germany


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Germany should be on every traveler’s bucket list. And yes, while there are the big cities to visit like Berlin and Amsterdam, there’s more than just the normal landmarks and tourist attractions to see. Germany actually has quite a few festivals that allow you to experience this country in a totally unique and unforgettable way. And keep you dancing ‘til the sun rises! Now, of course, there are LOADS of options. So where should you begin? Why don’t you check out some of the following options on this list? They’re some of the best, and you’ll surely find one (or more) of them calling out to you!



1. New Horizons


New Horizons
Picture Credits: New Horizons

Where: Nürburg
When: August
Cost: €75 (single) / €155 (full)


This festival takes place in the heart of Germany’s Rhineland over the course of 5 days. For those of you who love festivals like Tomorrowland, you have to check this one out! It’s got over 160 DJs performing across 10 stages. And the performers never disappoint (especially with big names like Marshmello, Dimitri Vegas, Tiësto, and Steve Aoiki in the mix). There’s camping, art, and a gatekeeper ready to thrust you through a portal to magical party dimensions. It’s truly one of Europe’s best EDM festivals. And the location is fantastic. What more could you possibly want?



2. Happiness Festival


Happiness Festival
Picture Credits: Happiness Festival

Where: Straubenhardt
When: July
Cost: €49 (single) / €78 (full)


The Happiness Festival is more than just a festival. It’s a place that emphasizes the importance of creating a community to live up to its namesake. The really cool thing about going to the Happiness Festival is that it’s in the Black Forest region in southern Germany, and all of the swings, tables, etc. are handmade with love out of wood for a totally rustic feel. They even have an open-stage tipi (which looks awesome in pictures)! Add in the super affordable cost of food at food trucks, awesome music, and some killer aftershow parties at the campgrounds–where performers also go to let off steam–and you have an awesome weekend retreat on your hands. Plus, you get to see the forest associated with the Brothers Grimm fairy tales (your experience here will be much happier, promise!).



3. Pop-Kultur Berlin


Pop-Kultur Berlin
Picture Credits: Pop-Kultur Berlin

Where: Berlin
When: August
Cost: €30 (single) / €70 (full)

This cultural festival is totally one-of-a-kind, which makes sense since it’s in Berlin (a totally one-of-a-kind city). It spans 3 days and allows pop artists to create some cool space for us festival-goers to experience, celebrate, and reflect on pop music and pop culture. Bringing more than just big names to their lineup, Pop-Kultur Berlin allows for exhibitions, discussions, films, and installations (like Magic Island’s installation across seven rooms depicting hell, purgatory, and paradise) throughout 15 different venues. There are artists, activists, and people who show up to have a good time and keep an open mind. Definitely a cool way to experience this city!



4. Fête De La Musique Berlin


Fête De La Musique Berlin
Picture Credits: Fête De La Musique Berlin

Where: Berlin
When: June 21st (every year)
Cost: FREE

Kick-off the summer by going to this free music festival! And it’s not just an isolated event. This celebration of music spreads across the city, and anyone can be a part of it by just walking into public markets, supermarkets, and some of Berlin’s hotspots and hidden gems. There are all different genres from jazz to indie to punk-pop. And if you’re here and don’t have too much time to check out all of their stages (there’s 150 of them with over 650 performers!), at least check out the classical Berliner Konzerthaus orchestra or go to Gendarmenmarkt to join in the thousands singing along to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” It’s truly an incredible experience and takes you to some places you otherwise would never have seen in this awesome city.



5. Sea You Festival- Beach Republic


Sea You Festival- Beach Republic
Picture Credits: Sea You Festival- Beach Republic

Where: Freiburg im Breisgau
When: July
Cost: €65 (single) / €100 (full)


The Sea You Festival sets up a sweet summer getaway on Lake Tunisee. Not only do they have over 100 different performers at this festival, but they also just do a ton of other activities that allow you to enjoy the good weather. You can rent water-skis, go wakeboarding, and take a ride on the Wellenflieger (the swing carousel that offers some awesome views of the area). If you want to just chill on the shore, that’s cool too! Plus, they have a fashion and beauty lounge that you can check out if that’s more your style. Between the lake, the music, and the general good vibes, you have the recipe for a perfect summer weekend.



6. AIRBEAT ONE Festival


Picture Credits: AIRBEAT ONE Festival

Where: Neustadt-Glewe
When: July
Cost: €59.99 (single) / €129.99 (full)

Who would’ve thought that this picturesque town in northern Germany would be home to one of the wildest EDM music festivals around? Not only is this festival huge in Germany, but it’s become big throughout Europe. And for good reasons! The stage designs are amazing thematically. And they put on such cool shows with lights and pyrotechnics at each stage. Plus, the VIP ticket is actually worth it to access the VIP Waterworld stage (which has a pool in addition to some of the most chill music around). You get the best of both worlds when you head to Neustadt-Glewe to enjoy the little town and then get rowdy with some cool people in the historical airfield.



7. Onion Market Weimar


Onion Market Weimar
Picture Credits: Onion Market Weimar

Where: Weimar
When: October
Cost: FREE

So while this isn’t technically a music festival, it’s pretty close to one. Just with onions! Yeah, you heard me right. The Onion Market in Weimar is not only a free historical festival celebrating the history of the Market and onions in this historical town, but it’s a 3 day event with tons of food stalls, street performers and musical artists (there are over 100 throughout the city), lots of locally made crafts, and some good beer to try! And true to the theme, you’ll see all kinds of onions braided together with gorgeous little flowers in all sizes as you walk around the city center. Honestly, you have to check this fest out. It’s totally unique and really gives you a nice vibe for the little city. Plus it’s free. How can you say no to free?



8. Amsterdam Dance Event


Amsterdam Dance Event
Picture Credits: Amsterdam Dance Event

Where: Amsterdam
When: October
Cost: €17 (single) / €400 (full, inclusive)

Okay so this isn’t your average music festival, that’s for sure. While yes, you can just check out the amazing electronic performers (there’s over 2,500 performing across the entire city), you also need to check out the conferences, films, and exhibitions. And there’s a range of packages because there’s so much to do, so definitely check out their website and get the ticket that works for you. The conferences are super interesting with a focus on business, marketing, and tech start-ups with over 600 speakers. But even those of you not looking to enter the electronic music business will find them fascinating since the topics have a pretty wide range. So definitely hit up Amsterdam during this 5 day and 5-night festival!


9. Docklands Festival    


Docklands Festival
Picture Credits: Docklands Festival    

Where: Münster
When: June
Cost: €35 (single)

Clearly EDM is a big deal here in Germany. And the Docklands Festival in Münster is another festival not to be missed. Not only is the location in an awesome Gothic city, but the line ups and performers are always fire. It’s a one-day event, but they go hard and make the full day count. The event is open-air and there’s a shift between the daytime and nighttime programs. The energy in the crowd is insane. And the really cool thing about the night program is that it takes place at Am Haverkamp, a cool area of the city located by the harbour where all of the best cultural and musical events take place. The party continues all night and well into the morning, so they truly make the best of 24 hours!



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