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We’ve been waiting for a formal list like this for a long time. As travel bloggers, we often find ourselves looking for additional information for travel stories and future trips. It’s great to have a central resource to reference when we need answers from real people with real travel experiences.

Cam Wears, co-author of Traveling Canucks and Tips for Baby Travel


Ten years ago there weren’t many Canadian bloggers for me to collaborate with. Now there are excellent people blogging in every province and territory in Canada and this top 100 bloggers list is an incredible resource for all of us.

Evelyn Hannon, editor of Journey Woman


The top 100 Canadian Bloggers list is a chance for us to share a combined passion via the connectedness of nationality and that sense of ´home´. We each have a unique view on sharing the best of our travels with the world. This list will also provide media and PR teams with a great portal for accessing unique information about Canada and give us a chance to share more of own backyard.

Greg Snell, author of Greg Goes Global and winner of Australia’s Best Jobs in the World Contest.


Blogging and social media has evolved from sharing one’s personal experiences to becoming a medium for professionals to connect and interact with their audience.  Travel thrives on stories and personal immersion, so a list like this provides the researcher with the perfect portal to begin searching for that special trip.  This comprehensive list can also be a useful tool for other bloggers seeking to connect to a community and lastly, for the PR industry, this list presents a variety of travel professionals that can align with their brands and products.

Jeannie Mark, author of Nomadic Chick

If you want to know what a place is really like before you go, read a travel blog or two. You will find inspiration, information and often a well-told story. This list represents the best in Canadian travel blogs.

Mariellen Ward, author of of Breathe Dream Go


This list represents cutting edge talent in the field of destination marketing by bringing together Canada’s top talent in travel blogging and photography in one, easy to use reference guide. It takes the guess work out of finding reputable travel writers with a proven record in the industry.

Anita Mac, author of Travel Destination Bucket List


A comprehensive list like this is important for a number of reasons. It helps to promote Canadian bloggers both in Canada and abroad, and it’s an excellent source for both armchair and fledgling escapists looking to flee those mournfully long Canadian winters, or perhaps even those hot, muggy, mosquitoey summers. Either way, it’s a win for both bloggers and readers.

Raymond Walsh, author of Man on the Lam


By nature Canadian travel bloggers are scattered across the globe, and even on the internet it can be difficult to find them all. A top 100 list provides a gathering point for both the travel industry and other Canadian travellers to find them.

Miranda, co-author of of Endlessly Changing Horizon


Canadian bloggers are a diverse lot – reflecting the make-up  of the country. They are talented, professional, curious and well traveled both in Canada and abroad.

Leigh McAdam, author of Hike Bike Travel


I can’t tell you how many times a reader has taken one of my trip itineraries and followed it word for word. And why not? Trip planning is time-intensive!

As a traveller myself, I know that I always turn to my favourite bloggers before booking my next trip. I trust them to provide an accurate description with untouched photos. I believe blogs are increasingly becoming the go-to source for trip recommendations.

Julie Harrison, author of CoffeeWithJulie.ca


A guide to everything and anything travel shared by 100 Canadians who have been there and done that.

Greg Girard, co-author of Canada EH


This list is a super-charged, tip-packed travel resource, useful for travel-loving Canadians everywhere.

Claudia Laroye of The Traveling Mom


This comprehensive directory contains a huge variety of travel experience, with many niche markets being covered. Whether you’re looking for first class photos of far away lands, informative posts about a possible destination, or simply some interesting reading about other cultures, there’s something worthwhile for everyone, and all from Canadian perspective!

Kevin and Ruth Read, authors of Travel with Kevin and Ruth


People have always trusted word of mouth recommendations from friends and family for vacation ideas and travel plans. Blogs and social media are today’s word of mouth.

Corinne McDermott, author of Have Baby Will Travel


Where else can you find an ultimate go-to list of the top 100 Canadian travel bloggers? Save time on research and take advantage of the list.

Tired of searching for the top Canadian travel bloggers on the web? Time to wake up – the ultimate list is here and it’s incredible.

Find the top 100 Canadian travel bloggers in one easy and attractive list. Save time on research and invest into connecting with the bloggers on this list!

Matthew G Bailey, author of Must Do Canada


I think having a list of top-rate Canadian bloggers is an invaluable resource to travel professionals and destination contacts around the globe. Each of us has a unique voice and focus, many of us with specific niches. It’s about time we Canadians blew our own horns and looked to support own own great talent north of the border.

Doreen Pendgracs, author of Diversions with Doreen

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