A holiday on Lake Garda with the family




Italy is a perfect destination for a family holiday. Its unique features and traditions makes it really special and unforgettable. Enchanting hamlets, great sightseeing and delicious food are the key ingredients of every holiday in Italy.


And one of the most popular and amazing destinations in Northern Italy is Lake Garda.

Amazing views, water sport and fun activities are waiting for you on its shores.

The bike trail around the lake, for example, allows tourists to move easily from one village to the other, and it’s great for a safe day trip with the whole family.

But this is not the only activity you can do around Lake Garda.


Once you arrive there, you can simply decide to soak up the sun and relax on the beach, or discover the Italian history visiting, for example, the castle of Malcesine. Sirmione, famous for its thermal springs, is also worth a visit: its port castle is located on a peninsula, and its Grottoes of Catullo date back to Roman times.



On Lake Garda, fitness enthusiasts will enjoy water sports and guided hikes through the paths of the surrounding mountains.

Children will love Lake Garda, too: some of the most important amusement parks, in fact, are located in this area and can be reached with a few minutes drive. Just think of spending a day at Gardaland theme park or at Movieland: kids will love it!


Foodies will fall in love with Lake Garda. Great olive oil (one of the most famous in Italy) is produced on its shores, and wine of indigenous crops, such as Valpolicella, belong to the local tradition.


Another asset of Lake Garda is its strategic position: the majestic cities of Verona, Mantua and Venice are located just a few hours away and can be also reached by train.

Here you are: you have just fallen in love with your next holiday in Italy!


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