A World Cruise

Whisking cruisers away to faraway lands all over the globe, a world cruise is a monumental event. With a mix of luxury, relaxation, and unencumbered sight-seeing, this global trek provides a brand-new perspective of your planet. Don’t just imagine what it would be like, get on board and sail from Los Angeles to explore Hawaii’s natural splendor cruising on to the Oceanic continent to immerse yourself in Polynesian culture.

Sail along to Australia and learn about the indigenous people who have occupied the country for 65,000 years and the Great Barrier Reef. Cruise to the continent of Asia and revel in some of the world’s oldest civilizations, sites like Mount Everest, the Arabian Desert, animals like giant pandas and rich spices of Indian cuisine. Sail to the Middle East and explore its profound traditions and futuristic wonders like the world’s largest theme park – IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai. The Great Pyramids and Nile River lie ahead cruising through Jordan and Egypt before sailing away to taste traditional cuisine of Italy and cheer with soccer enthusiasts in Spain before returning to the United States where you will dock in New York City with a fresh perspective and indelible, gypsy spirit.

Getting There

Most arrive at Los Angeles International Airport to reach their cruise port. Four other airports service the Los Angeles area including Long Beach Airport, Bob Hope Airport, Orange County/John Wayne Airport, and LA/Ontario Airport. North Americans can take a flight to Los Angeles from famous Mexican cities like GuadalajaraCancun, Puerto Vallarta. Canadians can catch a direct flight to Los Angeles from from Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta.

Travel to the cruise port in Long Beach, California by taking a taxi or FlyAway bus at the airport. Airport shuttles are also available to take travelers to a Metro Rail or Metro station for service to Long Beach.