Amazon River Cruise

Revealing treasures of the 4,345-mile waterway, an ultimate Amazon River Cruise spans the region between Manaus, Brazil all the way to Iquitos, Peru. The ultimate way to make the journey is as a solo adventurer, booking a series of local boats stopping in each extraordinary town along the way. The journey combines a full Manaus cruise with a Peruvian trip and sets out a aboard the Manoel Monteiro with wildly rustic hammocks for sleeping during the 156-hour voyage from Manaus to Benjamin Constant. From there, the exhilarating speed boat, Selva will take you on the 30-minute trip to Tabatinga. You’ll cruise to Santa Rosa, Brazil, and voyage toward Peru where the vessel, the Carlos Antonio will take you to explore the regions along the way to your destination point of Iquitos.

Expect to immerse yourself in the culture of Rio Ucayali, the river in the upper Amazon basin, and take breathtaking walks beneath hidden waterfalls, and through the jungle, learning about medicinal plants and indigenous vegetation like bromeliads, orchids and mosses and arboreal animals like monkeys and sloth. You’ll see the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, take a nocturnal wildlife excursion to view caiman and meet the shaman of one of the local villages. And, of course there will be plenty of opportunities for bird watching, spotting pink dolphins and piranha fishing while cruising downstream.

Getting there

Several gateways get you into the Amazon to board your cruise. The major entry points are Manaus and Belem which several tour operators use as departing stations. When arriving by plane via Air Transat, Porter Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada or any other Airlines, international flights land daily at Manaus International Airport – Eduardo Gomes,  Manaus from Toronto, Edmonton, Sao Paulo and many other location in the world.