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Your bags are packed, your boarding pass is printed, and now you’re rushing out the door 30 minutes earlier than you planned to because you realized that you forgot to find parking at the airport.

Airport parking is something travellers don’t often consider until they’re pulling into the airport praying to find an affordable place to park. It can be a huge hassle. People often forget how long it can take to find a space and take a shuttle to the terminal, which causes a ton of unnecessary travel stress.

About Airport Parking was created to solve all of the problems associated with airport parking, and its easy-to-use layout has aided in its success.

How It Works

If you’re one of the many travellers who will need long-term parking while you’re away on business or vacation, booking your parking should be the step that follows booking your plane ticket.

Booking is simple. Log on to About Airport Parking and enter your departure airport and travel dates. The site will present you with a list of parking options, so you can compare rates and the distances between lots and the airport.

If you’re headed to a large airport, valet services, covered parking, mechanical services, oil changes, and car washing may be available. You can reserve your spot and any additional services right there on the site by placing a deposit. Don’t worry; it’s refundable as long as you cancel more than 24 hours before your flight.

Budget Friendly

Fortunately, the service is not overly expensive. In fact,  prices offered on About Airport Parking are almost always lower than drive-up prices. Buyers benefit from the site’s network of over 400 airport parking lots, price comparisons, and significant discounts – up to 70 percent off the drive-up price.

In turn, lot owners enjoy the exposure of being featured on the leading independent airport parking directory on the web. There’s no need to search elsewhere; in an analysis of the top five airport parking sites, Dan Allen of AOL Travel confirmed, “In all three field test cities, About Airport Parking returned the best rates.”

Above and Beyond

There’s a reason Travel and Leisure featured About Airport Parking as one of their favourite travel websites. Google Maps direct you easily to your lot, which can save a lot of time. If you’re skeptical about the safety of booking before you see the lot, reviews written by previous users will help you feel  confident with your choice. The site even offers terminal maps and restaurant and shop guides, so you can make optimal use of your time inside the airport as well. Travellers are always looking for a great one-stop travel planning website. Although About Airport Parking focusses only on safe and affordable parking, the site’s easy-to-use features help travellers to finish an essential part of travel planning quickly in one place.

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