Baia Dos Porcos

Tucked away in the Fernando de Noronha archipelago is Baia Dos Porcos, also known as the “Bay of Pigs,” one of the most awe-inspiring beaches to experience. The myriad of blues meddle in perfect harmony on the still water filled with rock formations, including the iconic “Dois Irmaos” rocks which means the “two brothers.” Even better – the beach is likely to be all yours, as it requires a trek to get to, and you have to pay per day to stay on the island, limiting the number of daily visitors. Water sports are forbidden – which means it’s all serenity, all the time. Instead, search for the turtles and wildlife that inhabit the area and find yourself in preserved and natural beauty.

Getting There

The best time to fly to Brazil is between December and March, during the Brazilian summertime. The closest state to Fernando de Noronha is Recife.  Fly into Fernando de Noronha from Recife or Natal in Brazil. If you’d prefer to make your journey to Fernando de Noronha on a cruise, 4-6 day cruises depart from Recife, Natal, and Fortaleza! Canadian citizen can take flights from Vancouver, Halifax, Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg to Brazil. You can travel from many European destinations like Copenhagen, Budapest, London, Paris and Amsterdam. From there, Cacimba do Padre Beach offers boat rides to the beach during low tide, or you can hike or take a bus in. Whichever way you prefer, it’s strongly advised that you go with a guide as you’ll encounter some adventurous terrain!