The Best Destinations for Family Travel This Year


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Are you planning a family getaway? Going on a trip with the family can be a great way to travel while spending quality time together. These travel experiences will become cherished memories for your child for the rest of their lives.

There are some travel destinations that are much better for family travel than others – offering affordable prices, a kid-friendly culture and plenty of age appropriate things to do. Not sure where to plan your next trip?

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Here are some ideas for your next family vacation:

1. Thailand


In Thai culture children are very important and the locals will greet your little ones with friendly smiles. When you travel this beautiful Southeast Asian country with your kids they will make a great ice-breaker and you will find family friendly activities almost everywhere you go. Also, hotel room and food prices are very cheap, making your holiday more affordable than you might think. It is possible to find a large family room in a Thai hotel for cheaper than you would expect in North America or Europe.

Check out one of the more laid back islands such as Koh Lanta or Koh Chang where you can rent a bungalow on the beach and enjoy kayaking trips, playing in the sand and snorkelling. Or, visit the mountainous interior and take a trip to an elephant sanctuary or go on a jungle trek. Make sure that you bring plenty of bug spray and sunscreen!

2. Alberta, Canada


Alberta is a dream destination for your outdoor loving, adventurous children. There are plenty of excellent campgrounds with lakes to swim in, creeks to wade in and forests to explore. Camping is a great way to cut down your costs and kids will enjoy the thrill of sleeping in a tent in the great outdoors.

Keep your eyes peeled while driving through Banff National Park or Jasper National Park and you are likely to spot deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats and even bears. Then, take a drive down to the southern badlands of Drumheller, where your kids can take part in a dinosaur bone dig at the world famous Royal Tyrell Museum.

Or, head north to Edmonton where you will find West Edmonton Mall – an enormous entertainment complex with a huge waterpark, amusement park, mini golf course, skating ring, movie theatre, shooting range, themed hotel and many more attractions.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland


Take your family to the Scottish city of Edinburgh and you will more fun things to do than you could possibly fit into one vacation. The Fringe Festival, which takes place during the entire month of August, offers a dazzling array of live comedy, theatre, street performers and musicals in venues all of the city with plenty of child-friendly options.

The Museum of Childhood is a fun and interactive showcase of toys and games from many different countries and historical periods. Edinburgh Castle is a fascinating look into what life was like many years ago and if you can catch the annual Edinburgh Tattoo your little ones will be in awe of the kilt-wearing bag-pipers.

4. Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Another great place to travel with your kids is Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The beaches here are soft and sandy with crystal clear water and the surf is gentle so that your kids can play safely. There is the Poliform, which is a public sports facility with racquetball, tennis courts, soccer fields and basketball courts. Many companies in Playa del Carmen also offer swimming with dolphins experiences.

Check out the Jungle Place spider monkey sanctuary which offers medical care, shelter and food to spider monkeys. Or, simply hang around at the pool – most resorts and condos have a swimming pool and your kids will love swimming and playing all afternoon.

5. Berlin, Germany


The German capital city might not be the first destination that springs to mind when you think of a family holiday, but it’s actually a very child-friendly city. Bike rentals are ubiquitous, so you can explore the city on two wheels – taking advantage of the 400 miles of designated bike lanes.

Visit the 168 year old Berlin Zoological Garden, which was the first zoo in Germany. It has one of the most diverse collections of animals in the world, including penguins, pandas and hippopotami. Also, check out Kollwitz Platz which is a popular hangout for young families and is home to one of the biggest playgrounds in the city – with ping pong tables and fun climbing equipment shaped like giant vegetables.

These are just a few of the best destinations in the world for a family getaway. In these places you will have a fantastic time and there will be plenty of great kid-friendly attractions to enjoy. Why not start planning your next family getaway?

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