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A New York City pizzeria with a lot of slices on display.
Photo Credit: Rob Boudon

New York City may be a pizza lover’s dream, but if you don’t know where to go it can be more of a vicious nightmare. There are so many pizzerias in the city claiming to serve the best slice that it can be difficult to weed out the great pies from the downright awful. To help you save time on your next trip to New York City, we’ve put together seven of Manhattan’s best pizza spots.


Thin-crust lovers who like their edges crusty and chewy will want to check out Saluggi’s. Homemade and fresh high quality ingredients are synonymous with Saluggi’s and its brick oven pizza. Red and white pizzas with topped with homemade mozzarella are just beginning at the Tribeca pizzeria, which features a nice-selection of specialty pies, including “The Original Brussel Sprout Pizza” topped with bacon, caramelized onions, mozzarella and parmesan, and the Vegan Cheese Pie.

Large Cheese: $20 | Website: Saluggi’s | Cash or Credit

Lombardi’s Pizza

The brick walls and red-and-white checkered tablecloths are pretty stand fare for a lot of pizzerias these days. What’s not, though, is the aroma from Lombardi’s delicious thin-crust pizza as it emerges from the restaurant’s coal ovens. Opening in 1905, Lombardi’s clams to be “America’s First Pizzeria,” and while it has moved locations since then, its approach to using fresh mozzarella and top quality ingredients hasn’t changed one bit. Keep in mind that Lombardi’s only accepts cash (ATM on site) and doesn’t sell slices.

Large Cheese: $21.50 | Website: Lombardi’s Pizza | Cash Only

Patsy’s Pizzeria

Patsy's Pizzeria in Harlem, New York, is home to some of the best pizza in Manhattan.
Photo Credit: Patsy’s Pizzeria

These days Patsy’s Pizzeria has seven locations in Manhattan, so a great thin-crust pie is never really out of reach. To get the full experience, though, head to the original restaurant in East Harlem, which celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2008. Over the years, Patsy’s has developed a loyal following among locals and celebrities alike. In fact, it’s reported that the restaurant was once a hangout for director Francis Ford Coppola while he was filming The Godfather.

Large Cheese: $18 | Website: Patsy’s Pizzeria | Cash Only

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery

Since opening its doors in 2008, Artichoke’s has become the darling of New York City’s pizza scene. Now with three restaurants in Manhattan (the original is in the East Village), as well as one in Berkeley, California, Artichoke’s serves up a limited selection of slices and pies that are big on taste. Among its devotees are Keith Richards and Chef David Chan of Momafuku’s, among legions of NYC locals. Operated by cousins Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, Artichoke Basille’s keeps things simple for customers with only four pizza styles (slices or whole pie): Artichoke, Margherita, Crab and Sicilian.

Large Margherita: $24 | Website: Artichoke Basille’s | Cash or Credit

Joe’s Pizza

For an authentic New York street slice, there’s no better place in Manhattan than Joe’s Pizza. Owned and operated by Joe Pozzuoli, who immigrated from Naples, Italy, in the 1950s, Joe’s Pizza is a Greenwich Village institution. This no frills restaurant is known for its classic New York Style pizza recipe that hasn’t changed since the pizzeria opened in 1975. But it’s not just local New Yorkers (and visiting celebrities) who love the pizza, in 2009, GQ Magazine named Joe’s Pizza as one of  “Best 25 Pizzas on Earth.”

Large Cheese: $20 | Website: Joe’s Pizza | Cash or Credit

Nick’s Pizza

Nick's Pizza in Manhattan, New York City.
Photo Credit: Nick’s Pizza

Queens got a closer to Manhattan when Nick Angelis decided to bring is award-winning pies to the Upper West Side. Pizza aficionado’s love this pizzeria because it consistently produces great crispy thin-crust pizza with fresh, local ingredients. Nick’s crust, which has a touch of char and smokiness to it, is also a draw for locals and foodies alike. Beyond the pies, Nick’s Pizza is also known for its stuffed to order cannoli topped with pistachio nuts.

Large Cheese: $18 | Website: Nick’s Pizza | Cash or Credit

Rosario’s Pizza                    

There’s something to be said about a pizzeria that has staved off wave after successive of wave New York City gentrification. Rosario’s Pizza has been serving the Lower East Side one consistently delicious slice after the next for 51 years, and judging by its steady stream of customers, it’s going to be around for many more years. Regulars swear by the Sophia (similar to a Margherita), in part because it showcases the pizzeria’s craveable sauce.

Large Slice of Cheese: $2 | Cash Only

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