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If you’re traveling to Phoenix you had better come hungry! This city is bursting with flavors and colors of a blend of cultures from America, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, and many more in between. With these cultures and cuisines blending with each other, you know you’re going to eat well in this capital city! Take a look at my pick of the cream of the crop in Phoenix. You’ll find a few familiar faces as well as some surprises. Get to know this incredibly beautiful city with a fork in your hand!


1. Snooze A.M. Eatery

Snooze A.M. Eatery
Picture Credits: Snooze A.M. Eatery


It’s no secret that we live in a world of routines, meal prep, and quick and easy meals. Don’t we deserve the chance to shake things up a bit? Traveling is a great way to do that of course, as is changing up what we eat. Step into Snooze A.M. Eatery and you’ll walk into a space that must be described as eclectic and energetic. This is a place that really takes the day by the horns and isn’t afraid of creating something new and exciting. And when we’re talking about food, that means absolutely delicious. Let’s not forget how glorious the sight of a well-crafted mimosa is at 8 AM either! More than amazing food and drink Snooze is also focused on reimagining breakfast in an environmentally responsible way. They recycle and compost whatever they can and take steps like using reusable coffee cups – preventing 50,000 cups from going into a landfill each year!


2. Beckett’s Table

Beckett’s Table
Picture Credits: Beckett’s Table


At Beckett’s Table, Executive Chef Justin Beckett has been serving friends, family, and his community the best way he can – with honest and incredible food. This talented chef was even honored with the 2012 nomination for Food & Wine magazine’s People’s Best New Chef award. His team now is also comprised of his wife Michelle and partners Scott and Katie Stephens. Together they create seasonal American delights as well as familiar comfort foods with a twist that are a must-taste! The atmosphere matches the food in its sophistication and comfort and it’s just as invited too. It’s easy to see why this locale is such a hit with locals and visitors alike. Definitely make sure you see what Chef Beckett is whipping up during your trip! Pro tip: don’t forget to save room for their award-winning fig & pecan pie!


3. El Chorro

El Chorro
Picture Credits: El Chorro

El Chorro is one of Arizona’s premier dining experiences and so much more. They offer indoor/outdoor dining as well as a great location for events like weddings, birthdays, retirement gatherings, and a lot more. What really takes the cake on the whole experience has got to be the stunning views all around the property. It certainly adds to the elegant and highly detailed vibe inside as well! The menu itself has options for a lot of different tastes too. With selections like the fresh seafood catch, old fashioned fried chicken, center-cut filet, and polenta with vegetable napoleon – who wouldn’t be happy? They also serve a very popular brunch on Sundays that have all of your brunch favorites, including mimosas! Space does fill up quickly so be sure to make a reservation before you go to make sure you get to enjoy this sensational menu and incredible views!

4. The Beverly

The Beverly
Picture Credits: The Beverly


Cocktails are great, aren’t they? They’re the perfect mix of science and art and are just so incredibly tasty. The Beverly has taken this experience to the next level of class and taste with their handcrafted drinks! Not only can you expect them to have a slam-dunk cocktail menu, but their interior is stunning. It’s equally as inviting and upscale in a way that’s very fitting for this place. To go along with the drinks there’s also a food menu that’s just as sassy and delectable – definitely check it out! This is a great place for a date night or if you’re looking for the perfect night out with your squad. Just be sure to order a ride home because you’ll be having way too much “fun” to drive by the end of the night! Pro tip: Happy Hour runs from Tuesday-Sunday from 4-8 and includes some sweet drink deals and cheap eats to snack on too.


5. Spinato’s Pizzeria

Spinato’s Pizzeria
Picture Credits: Spinato’s Pizzeria


A true celebration of all that’s right in the world, pizza is cherished and beloved in almost every corner of the world. That being said however all pizza is not created equal but the folks at Spinato’s Pizzeria sure do know what they’re doing! With 5 locations in or around the Phoenix area, there’s plenty of pizza to go around as well. While I recommend “The Super Six” there are a plethora of options and always the possibility of creating your own pizza masterpiece too. There’s a large bar inside which is perfect for catching a game on one of the TVs while you have a slice (or more). I always said that anyone who tells you you shouldn’t have more pizza isn’t a true friend anyway!


6. Pizza A Metro

Pizza A Metro
Picture Credits: Pizza A Metro


And speaking of pizza places be sure to add Pizza A Metro to your list. These guys were nominated in 2015 one of the top 10 Hole-In-Wall restaurants in Arizona, and the hits haven’t stopped since! They were also recognized in June of this year for having the largest pizza in the state of Arizona at 1 meter (39”) long! In fact, any of the pizzas on their menu can be ordered by the meter and it truly is a beautiful sight to see. They keep things as authentic Neapolitan as possible with their wood-burning oven and a bright and airy interior. Something truly unique about this establishment is that since their opening they’ve been sponsoring an orphanage, The Lighthouse Shelter. It’s clear to see that this pizza serves up some pretty big pizza and has a pretty big heart to match.


7. Casa Corazon Restaurant

Casa Corazon Restaurant
Picture Credits: Casa Corazon Restaurant


Mexican cuisine has to be towards the top of the list of the world’s greatest, don’t you think? And Casa Corazon Restaurant serves some of the best Mexican fares in Phoenix! Having some amazing food on their outdoor patio is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Their menu packs quite a punch of flavor and some heat for those looking to get the full experience. Just look for the little flame indicators on the menu! Probably one of my favorite things was the salsa bar they had which is always fresh and sourced as locally as possible too. What more could you ask for? The atmosphere mirrors the spirit of the food with lots of colorful art hanging on the walls alongside the exposed brick and wood details. A truly gorgeous place you must visit… just look for the bright orange building!



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