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With some of the clearest skies and the best sunshine, Ibiza gives new meaning to fresh fruit and vegetables. Locals have been producing some seriously amazing food on the island for centuries and it’s time you tasted it for yourself! You may be planning lots of lounging and tanning and even the occasional snorkeling trip, and that’s great. But be sure to fuel your mind and body with some of this seriously good food. Here’s my list of the top 4 gastronomic experiences to taste on the island while you’re there. Most of the food is light and nutritious so thankfully it won’t interfere with swimsuit season either!




Picture Credits: Nagai Ibiza


They say that eating should use all of your senses. And let me tell you, you’ll need all of them for a visit to Nagai! This Japanese/sushi fusion restaurant is a culinary and cultural experience in itself. They pair the absolute freshest ingredients with the most visually appealing presentation that’s sure to please anyone. Their menu is constantly evolving and changing to suit what’s available so make sure you check back often! Currently they’re closed for Winter 2019 but they’ll be back and ready to surprise you come this spring. If you’re a sushi fanatic (like I am) you really shouldn’t pass up on this place while you’re in town. They have some of the best sushi on the island! Also serving their Japanese, Thai, Indian, and Mediterreanean inspired fare you owe it to your taste buds to go. I would recommend making a reservation during the busier summer months too!



2. Meke Coffee Roasters


Picture Credits: Meke Coffee Roasters


There’s nothing worse than bad coffee, right? Say goodbye to disappointing coffee forever and take a trip to Meke Coffee Roasters. These guys will change your life, trust me. They even won the 2019 AeroPress award for the best coffee in Spain! In addition to that they were also selected to supply the coffee for the Spain AeroPress championship held in Madrid! Along with being master coffee roasters, they also have a delightful café with some of their most delicious coffees to try. And just in case that’s not enough to warrant a visit, they also offer speciality coffee courses. They offer three types of classes, depending on the level of depth/complexity you’re looking to get into. It’s a pretty cool way to spend an afternoon! Grab some friends and check out this place to really up your coffee game. Your mornings will never be the same!





Picture Credits: VE CAFÉ IBIZA


Opening its doors for the first time in September 2019, VE Café is a fresh (and really tasty) veggie paradise in Ibiza. Both vegetarians and their veggie-curious friends can find nutritious and delicious food here. It’s located very close to the beach so it makes a great pre or post beaching meal. The food won’t leave you feeling heavy or bloated and is packed with nutrition – perfect for the beach! They even have take away bowls so you can bring a nice lunch or light dinner with you. Chef Haim Cohen has been a leading judge on Israeli Masterchef for the past 8 years and now serves up some truly stunning dishes! They use a farm-to-table model to ensure they have the freshest fruits and veggies to use in their food. The Ibizian sunshine really does a lot to bring out the best of every flavor!



4. Viccio


Picture Credits: Viccio


If you asked me what’s better than ice cream, my answer you would be artisanal ice cream. If you’re looking for something a little bit more elevated than standard vanilla, head over to Viccio. They are die-hard ice cream fans as well and they produce some of the best on the island. Bring together French chocolate, Italian dried fruit, Argentinian dulce de leche, and the Ibizian sunshine and you have something truly magical. These guys even plant and produce their own fresh lemon, orange, strawberry, watermelon, mint and more! They’ve been featured in several publications over the years, including National Geographic and national newsource El País. If your stomach isn’t exactly lactose-friendly, they have you covered too! They also over a ton of baked goods like cakes, pies, brownies, and even NY style cheesecake. For those of us looking for something a bit lighter, they also serve water ice with a variety of flavors as well!




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