7 Restaurants in Manila for Mouth-Watering Meals


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If you’re spending time in the Philippines, you’re going to want to try some of the local delicacies and truly experience the blend of cultures melded together in Filipino food. And obviously, you want to know that the places you go are authentic, and (more importantly) GOOD. So we put together a list of 7 of the best restaurants in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, with the most mouth-watering food. And there are a few recommendations for where to grab a drink as well, because who doesn’t appreciate a good cocktail? So, wear your stretchy pants and loosen your belts because you’re going to be asking for seconds!



1. Casa Manila Restaurant


Casa Manila Restaurant
Picture Credits: Casa Manila Restaurant


If you’re looking for a place to try authentic Filipino cuisine, stop by Casa Manila Restaurant. They make all of their foods in a traditional way, inspired by the freshest ingredients and the idea of going back to a simpler time. The menu celebrates the unique diversity you’ll find in the region. You definitely need to try the chicken sisig fries and the Filipino BBQ skewers. If you are a desert-lover, they have gourmet ice creams. And they feature a desert called the Ultimate Halo Halo Party Bowl (recommended for 6 or more people) which is an amazing mix of ice creams and toppings and totally delicious. If you’re concerned about allergies or have a no-meat diet, have no fear! There’s plenty of options for everyone on the menu.



2. Ilustrado Restaurant


Ilustrado Restaurant Picture Credits: Ilustrado Restaurant


Ilustrado is an amazing family-run restaurant that blends Asian classics with global flavors. And it’s not your typical tourist trap restaurant either. This gem is a favorite among the locals, so you know it’s delicious. The restaurant is gorgeously designed and highlights the historical Spanish influence within the Philippines. In addition to Asian foods, their Spanish foods are also divine. And if you’re hoping for something super local, they also feature national dishes from the Philippines like Bonoan Bangus Relleno (milkfish served with teriyaki sauce and pickled papaya) and Kambing Calereta (a stew popular in the region of Luzon). Your tastebuds will surely thank you for this visit. They also have amazing cakes, so save room for desert!



3. The Wholesome Table


The Wholesome Table
Picture Credits: The Wholesome Table


The Wholesome Table is a restaurant that lives up to its name. All of their food is organically sourced (which means it not only tastes good, but is good for you). They’re big believers in eating consciously and being aware of where your food is coming from. Because of this, a lot of their products are bought locally, so you’re really investing right back into beautiful Manila. Obviously, since their products are coming from local farms, their menu changes with the seasons. Some of their specialties include a killer shrimp burger, carrot-pumpkin soup, and chicken miso ramen. Be sure to try their n’ice creams (which come in coconut and strawberry flavors) along with grabbing something delicious from their bakery as well. The best part is, all their pastries are gluten free. Some are even vegan, as well!



4. Commune


Commune cafe manila
Picture Credits: Commune


Stop by Commune for some of the best coffee in Manila. They feature local coffee beans and flavors, and put emphasis on this. It’s nice to know your money is going back into the community. While yes, their coffee is amazing, they offer so much more. The cafe hopes to be a hub of cultural collaboration and works hard to bring communities and start-ups together under its roof. For those of you who aren’t huge coffee fans, they offer some amazing hot chocolates, juices, and teas. Their menu features popular Philippino street foods, comfort foods like pastas, and even all-day breakfast! So come for the food, come for the 100% Philippino coffee, and stay for the amazing vibes that this place has. You’ll meet some pretty cool people here at Commune.



5. Corner Tree Café


Picture Credits: Corner Tree Café


Corner Tree Café is an amazing little space on the corner of Jupiter Street, and (like the name suggests) it is situated under a large tree. They offer a variety of drinks like coffee, tea, smoothies, and even wine, beer, and other spirits. And while the drinks are delicious, it’s the food and atmosphere that you’ll stay for. Corner Tree Café is vegetarian (but meat-lovers will still love it!). They are focused on creating healthy food that will leave you feeling as good as it tastes. The soups are delicious and perfect on their own or paired with one of their sumptuous meals. If you are a vegetarian, this place is an awesome way for you to try out typical Philipino cuisine without the meat. Be sure to stop by, sometimes there’s even specials to try based off current events and holidays!



6. SENTRO 1771


Picture Credits: SENTRO 1771


Who says playing with your food is a bad thing? Definitely not SENTRO 1771, who have a reputation for blending the best of Western and Filipino food into tantalizing creations. This restaurant is one of the top in the area for tourists and locals. The staff is known to be friendly and super helpful for those of you who are never quite sure what to order. But (for those of you who might appreciate a recommendation) their Rated GG is an amazing blend of garlic and fried fish that will leave you craving more. And (most importantly) they have Sans Rival, a Filipino dessert cake layered with buttercream, nuts, and merengue. The best part, is their Sans Rival is coffee flavored. Coffee lovers rejoice!



7. The Blind Pig


Picture Credits: The Blind Pig


With a name like The Blind Pig, you might be wondering what this place entails? Well, I’ll tell you. But only if you can keep a secret. It’s a speakeasy! (Shhhhhh!). While they offer some killer comfort foods like parmesan truffle fries and Shepherd’s pie, you’re really going to stay for their drinks. They have a drink menu, but I totally recommend going with the bartender’s choice. Just tell them what type of drink you’re feeling, and they’ll create something totally amazing for you! Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time, or you could be turned away. This place is an exclusive speakeasy, after all. If you’re having problems finding the entrance once you’ve reached the building, look for a small, braille sign. Cheers!




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