Mumbai’s 5 Most Notable Restaurants


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When you’re on vacation, it’s your time to indulge. And when you’re in a place as diverse as Mumbai, you might be overwhelmed by all the possibilities this city has to offer. While street-food is amazing, it won’t satisfy all your cravings the way a good sit-down meal will. So here, we have a list of Mumbai’s 5 most notable restaurants to try that will make the foodie in your begging for seconds!



1. The Table


Picture Credits: The Table


When you’re visiting Mumbai, you HAVE to drop into the city’s neighborhood of Colaba. It’s a cute area filled with tons of shops and some of the best restaurants, including one of India’s top restaurants: The Table. This restaurant is amazing on so many levels. First, they serve dishes with veggies prepared from their very own farm, so you’re actually getting a real farm to table experience. Next, their food is top notch. They have delicious small plates to share, salads, and main dishes as well. They also sport a brunch menu! Be sure to try their cocktails in the evenings (or mornings, we don’t judge and you’re on vacation). You can make a reservation and peep the menu ahead of time to plan out which of their dishes you want, because it’s so hard to choose just a few!



2. O Pedro


Picture Credits: O Pedro


If you’re looking to experience a different take on Indian cuisine, stop by O Pedro. This restaurant features a menu with heavy Goan and Portugese influences. Goa is a state located on the coast of India, and was originally a colony of Portugal. The menu celebrates the infusion of both cultures and history. The fish curry is a crowd favorite. And the suckling pig starters are definitely mouth-watering. Add in some chorizo tacos and you’ve got yourself a plateful of culture! Be sure to check out their cocktail menu as well. And if you need any clarification or ideas on the menu, don’t be shy! The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful.



3. Diva Maharashtracha


Picture Credits: Diva Maharashtracha


If you are looking for some authentic Marathi cuisine, look no further than Diva Maharashtracha. This restaurant is proud of its rich culinary history and boasts an extensive menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They also feature dishes from other local communities, so it’s really a one-stop-fits-all restaurant. Their thali dishes are crowd favorites. And if you’re daunted by a menu with over 150 options ask the friendly staff! In addition to scrumptious food, you also get treated with live music each night. So many people love this place, and you will too!



4. Effingut


Picture Credits: Effingut


Calling all beer lovers! Be sure to pop by Effingut for some quality craft brews. This craft beer place hopes to provide you with a unique experience combining their local and world flavors of this versatile drink. Basically, you can try beer from all over without having to move from your seat! The atmosphere is super nice at Effingut, so you really won’t want to leave anyway. There’s always a variety of beer on tap, and they use a lot of local ingredients so everything is fresh. For those of you who aren’t that keen on beer, they also have local ciders and mead. And, the best part, you get a complimentary food pairing with your drink. You’ll definitely come for the beer, but stay for the amazing food!



5. Taftoon


Picture Credits: Taftoon


Taftoon is a must try restaurant that boasts delicious dishes from northern India and aims to have you journey along the historic Grand Trunk Road through taste. Since they offer a variety of foods, it’s good to bring plenty of people to share. This way you can try more of their delicious dishes! And, if you’re struggling with making a decision about what to order, just ask the staff. They’re incredibly helpful and happy to give you suggestions. But one of their specialties is their Generali Raan, which is fall-off-the-bone delicious and paired with their dried masala roast gravy and traditional taftan bread. It’s easy to spend hours here just picking at food and engaging in lovely conversations. The atmosphere is lively and makes your soul feel just as nourished as your body!




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