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With a city as vibrant and soulful as Seattle, there’s never any reason to be hungry. In fact, I would say walking around hungry here just isn’t doing the city justice! There’s so much available to you in one place it’s really a shame to not try as much as you can. Don’t you think? While the weather may sometimes be a bit cloudy and a bit rainy, food really does make everything better. From a cup of coffee to the best seafood and fine dining, they have it all! Thankfully I went ahead and took on the task to list the top places to “get your eat on” during your trip. Read ahead and follow your nose to your next destination!



1. Theo Chocolate, Inc


Theo Chocolate, Inc Picture Credits: Theo Chocolate, Inc


January 27th, 2005 is a day that will be remembered and celebrated by chocoholics throughout Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. It’s the day that Theo Chocolate was founded and has been perfecting the craft of chocolate, from cocoa bean to bar, ever since. By now they have a huge selection of their own organic, fair trade chocolate goodies available to people and businesses throughout the country. In addition to their online shop, visitors to Seattle can also visit their flagship store for themselves! They offer factory tours every day which includes the story of their chocolate from bean to bar and the history of chocolate. Of course you’ll get to see the inner workings of the factory as well and my personal favorite part, the tasting! If anyone has some younger chocolate fans at home, they also offer a tour just for kids 5 and under. Storytime and chocolate? I’m actually pretty jealous!



2. Marination ma kai


Luau Plate Special Picture Credits: Marination ma kai


Maybe it’s just me (it’s not), but I feel that Hawaiian food needs to be eaten on the beach. And while Hawaii might be a bit away from Seattle, their food thankfully is not! Marination Ma Kai has been bringing bold, tropical flavours to chilly Seattle since 2009. It’s located on the beach, just a 15-minute water taxi ride away from the heart of downtown Seattle! Their unique take on Hawaii-Korean fusion has played a major part in warming the hearts and bellies of Seattle. And now it’s time to try it for yourself too. From kimchi fried rice to Hawaiian Mac Salad (try it!) this place is the spot you didn’t know you needed. With food this fun you also need a drink that’s just as fun, and these guys truly deliver. They have a whole cocktail list, as well as wine and beer with 10 rotating taps!



3. Oddfellows Café + Bar


Picture Credits: Oddfellows Café + Bar


In my experience, it’s sometimes the oddest of people and places that are the most incredible. Oddfellows Café + Bar is no exception either! Once you’ll walk in you’ll understand that this is a cafe with a heart. The day starts here at 8AM with coffee and pastries. But the fun continues into late at night with everything from great coffee, soulful food, and then some stellar cocktails later on. The staff is incredibly friendly, and will help you find just want you need to start your morning (or evening). I highly recommend you check out their drink menu too, whether it be after-work drinks or bloody mary with brunch! Either way, they’ll have you covered with some amazing creations and specials to keep things varied. Something that sets this place apart is that most of their food is locally sourced from sustainable sources too!



4. Wild Ginger


Wild Ginger Picture Credits: Wild Ginger


We can thank wanderlust and a passion for great southeast Asian cooking for the gem that is Wild Ginger. This chameleon of a restaurant changes from a corporate lunch break favourite to delectable dinners to a sleek hangout for handcrafted cocktails. And all in the same day! The food ranges in origin from all over the Pacific Rim, with all the flavours, colors, aromas, and textures you could want. Can you think of anything better for rainy Seattle days than curries, soups, and noodles? This places serves it all, and with a heart and flair that you won’t find in too many other restaurants. I highly recommend stopping in during happy hour so you can get a taste of multiple styles and types of dishes. Why not get a culinary tour of the Pacific all while sipping your new favorite cocktail or a glass of wine?



5. Café Yumm


Café Yumm Picture Credits: Café Yumm


Opening their doors in 1997, owners Mark and Mary Ann Beauchamp combine fun and flavor with Café Yumm. This café is founded on 4 simple elements: Seed, Flame, Bowl, and Life. These four elements play a role not only in how the food is prepared, but how it should be enjoyed as well. These guys focus on nutritious offerings that don’t leave out a sense of fun either! Because let’s be honest – what’s food without a little bit of fun and enjoyment, right? Café Yumm! restaurants are famous throughout the Pacific Northwest for a variety of signature Yumm! Bowls® made with organic beans, rice, veggie toppings, and the brand’s obsession-worthy Yumm! Sauce®. The cozy, casual restaurants also feature grilled wraps and sandwiches, unique salads, glazed skewers, award-winning cookies, and a feel-good kids menu. It is beloved by vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike with plenty of gluten-free, paleo, and keto options. Sometimes this place can get pretty busy during the lunch rush so I recommend ordering online ahead of time. That way there’s no wait and you can dive into your bowl of happiness even faster!



6. The Wandering Goose


The Wandering Goose Picture Credits: The Wandering Goose


Coming directly out of owner Heather Earnhardt’s heart and soul, The Wandering Goose is a pillar of southern hospitality – and food! Everything about this cute little place is a momento to her childhood in North Carolina, and it’s flavors are no joke! She packs some serious culinary punches, like her Fried Chicken Friday spread to the pimento mac & cheese. The star of the show has to be her homemade biscuits, which come fresh and with plenty of butter and jam. They are truly works of art! For anyone out there with a sweet tooth (I see you), they have an ever-changing variety of baked goods too. Feel free to eat them there and enjoy it with a coffee, or take them home to dive into later. While you’re there you can also pick up a copy of Heather’s very own cookbook! So come hungry, or pick up a cookbook and make it yourself, you won’t be disappointed.



7. The Corson Building


Picture Credits: The Corson Building


Originally built in the first part of the last century, The Corson Building was intended to be a warm, cozy residence. Even while it is a restaurant in its most modern iteration, the intention of togetherness and coziness still prevails. In fact, the meals are served on large tables, family style. This means that you’ll be sharing and engaging with your fellow diners – whether you know them or not! This unique adaptation of dining is meant to honor the history and intention of the space when it was originally built. Plus, it never hurts to get to know those around you! Thanks to their incredible wine pairings, you may enter as strangers and leave as friends. Thursdays and Fridays are their à la carte dinner nights, with a menu that’s always changing to cater to what’s in season. Saturday nights are their special prix fixe menu that absolutely shouldn’t be missed!



8. Sleight of Hand Cellars


Picture Credits: Sleight of Hand Cellars


Music and wine lovers, rejoice! Sleight of Hand Cellars is the spot for you for sure. After having been called “Washington’s Next Cult Winery” in 2019, this place is in the spotlight of Washington State wineries. Led by some of the brightest minds in wine making (and passionate music lovers), they have great wines for anyone. I highly recommend checking out their tasting room while you’re in Seattle as well. The space is open, inviting, and has lots of character. The staff you’ll find are really friendly and know their stuff about wine! You can do a tasting to find your next favorite wine, or order by the glass if you know what you want. Take the opportunity to relax with some friends in this eclectic space and listen to some great vinyl tunes while you do it! Of course while you’re there you can also purchase by the bottle to take home with you too.



9. The Backdoor


Picture Credits: The Backdoor


The Backdoor is a cool little speakeasy with some seriously cool vibes. With it’s high wooden ceiling and classy antique chandeliers, it’s the kind of place you want to spend some time in. Don’t get the elegant setting fool you either, this place knows how to keep it real. With a pretty glorious happy hour including specials on drinks and food, this is a hit with everyone. Do yourself a huge favor and try their “Backdoor Animal Style Burger” for the full experience. Their cocktail menu is vast and varied, with some classic favorites making an appearance, like the Sidecar and Negroni. Or maybe you’re more of a “Beer and a Shot” person, which is totally fine in my book too! They currently offer no less than 7 types of flights too. Finishing a flight is also a great reason to get yourself the mug of fries with aioli you’ve been eyeing too.



10. Copine Restaurant


Picture Credits: Copine Restaurant


One of the high-end powerhouses in Seattle, Copine serves up American cuisine with classical French flare. In the kitchen you’ll find Chef McCrain creating and plating masterpieces like there’s no tomorrow. Things like the pan roasted sturgeon, hand rolled pastas, and one of the best racks of lamb you’ve ever had! Not to mention their eye-catching desserts that will be sure to have you leaving with a big smile. On Sundays they only serve a prix fixe menu, which you need to reserve a spot for ahead of time online. If there’s no reservation spots available they also do take home “Sunday Suppers” that are incredibly popular! Besides the food, the ambiance and decor are impeccable. From the gleaming kitchen to the tranquil dining room, to the hip bar, this place has a spot for all types. I guarantee that after one look at their bar menu or wine list, you’ll be in love!



11. Art of the Table


Picture Credits: Art of the Table


Art of the Table is a celebration of all things Pacific Northwest. More specifically, it’s an exercise of appreciation for those who catch, forage, raise, and grow food in the area. The chic and dynamic dining room is a hint to the explosion of flavors and the high standards of class you can have from the food as well! The open kitchen is surrounded by a semi-circular chef’s table where you can get a front row seat to all the action. The menu itself changes rapidly to best suit the season, earth, and water from where it comes from. Between the Chef’s tasting menu, vegetarian menu, and small plates menu there will be more than enough for you to choose from! And let’s not forget about the stunning drink menu, with a plethora of hand crafted cocktails deserving a taste. I definitely recommend making a reservation beforehand as this place fills up quickly!



12. Tarsan i Jane


Picture Credits: Tarsan i Jane


Some of us really enjoy something a little different every now and then. For those who know exactly what I’m talking about, Tarsan i Jane is the unique experience you’ve been waiting for! As creative as it is mouth-watering, this restaurant was born from the combined efforts of General Manager Alia and Chef Perfecte. Together they use elements from their backgrounds and culinary expertise to craft a dinner that’s wildly delicious. They’ve made quite a splash in Seattle as well, earning a full 4 stars from the Seattle Times. They also boast being named one of the Top 10 Restaurants in America from GQ Magazine! You never know what you’re going to get with the menu, as it’s constantly changing to offer the freshest and best possible. Don’t miss this very special and pretty rare opportunity to let loose and try something new!



13. All Water Seafood and Oyster Bar


Picture Credits: All Water Seafood and Oyster Bar


Once a well-known location to get tackle and bait in the 1930’s you’ll now find All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar. I suppose things don’t change all that much since these guys are just as focused on fresh seafood! While they probably won’t advise you on the best bait to use, they will serve you some of the best seafood in Seattle. The atmosphere of the space also speaks to the location’s maritime history. The decor, colors, textures, and materials you’ll see are strongly tied to fishermen and life on the sea. It makes for a nice environment to try their elegant dishes that go from boat to plate in less than 24 hours. In fact, all of the seafood they use is from Pike Place Market, which is a Seattle icon in and of itself! Combine the market’s 110 years of experience with seafood with an expert chef and you get some seriously good food.



14. Ray’s Boathouse & Café


Picture Credits: Ray’s Boathouse & Café


Since originally opening decades ago, locals and visitors alike have come to expect three things from Ray’s Boathouse & Café. Amazing food, spectacular views, and great company are main staples at this place, and they deliver night after night! Whether you choose to sit indoors or on their outdoor deck, the view is something you won’t forget! The restaurant looks out to some of the clearest and most stunning views of the Puget Sound in the city. Ray’s is one of the rare businesses in the city that is permitted to buy their seafood directly from the fishermen. Which means they have some of the freshest seafood around! Because of this as well, these guys are highly dedicated to supporting local fishermen and farms. They understand how themes of sustainability and ecological responsibility impact the food we eat too. Supporting local businesses and families, and regional sustainability with great food? Yes, please!




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