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The western regions of Canada are as friendly as they are beautiful. With lots of nature and wildlife as well as charming cities and smiling locals, what’s there not to love? Winnipeg is no exception, as this jewel of the city is a quaint yet vibrant place to visit. Let’s not forget how great the food is either! Read ahead to get my top picks on where to get the tastiest morsels Winnipeg has to offer.



1. Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar


Hy's Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar.
Picture Credits: Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar


A local favorite since 1958, Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar is willing and able to fulfill all of your surf n’ turf dreams! Whether you’re coming for the food or for one of their expertly crafted cocktails or wine selection you can’t go wrong here. One of the best places in Winnipeg for steak, they also have a variety of non-steak items on the menu a well for a variety of tastes. From salads to tuna to their house favorite cheese toast, their well-trained and professional staff serve it all with style and sophistication. Pairing expertly with the kitchen’s offerings, the bar staff are artists in their own right. A good cocktail can really hit the spot sometimes, and boy are they good! If you’re looking for a quality Old Fashioned or a really well-made Mai Tai I’m sure you’ll find something to sip on while you’re steak is on the grill.



2. Across The Board


Across The Board Game Cafe
Picture Credits: Across The Board


Going to a bar is fun, but not everyone wants to drink alcohol whenever they hang out with their friends. Coffee shops are quaint but if you’re like me, I get a bit antsy sitting there for a long time. This is why Across The Board is so perfect! Their concept is a full-service restaurant/coffee shop/dessert expert with more than 1500 different board games to play! They charge a simple $6 to play as many games as you want while you chat and sip/away. Plus, there’s usually even a game expert on staff that can teach you to play a particular game! I highly recommend taking full advantage of that and planning on spending a few solid hours here learning some new games. You have your table for a maximum of 3 hours (unless they’re closing) so there’s no rush for you and your friends to hang out and chill for a bit!



3. King + Bannatyne


King and Bannatyne
Picture Credits: King + Bannatyne


King + Bannatyne is arguably one of the best places in town for a great sandwich. And I’m not talking about just any old sandwich here either. I mean brisket, BBQ jackfruit, braised beef, and buffalo chicken (among others) are all on the menu. While of course they’re known for their mouth-watering meat sammies, that doesn’t mean they leave their plant-based friends out in the cold either. They have several vegetarian and vegan options available too! Also available are an array of salads, sides, soups, and fresh-baked breads too if sandwiches don’t quite do it for you. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I dare you not to go back for lunch once you’ve had one of their breakfast sandwiches! They’re also known for their incredible catering and private party options too. If you’re looking for space and/or food for your next business function just let them know.



4. Bernstein’s Deli


Bernsteins Deli
Picture Credits: Bernstein’s Deli


Very few words have quite an emotional impact on people than these four: all-day deli breakfast. If that brought a tear to your eye (or if you’re a fan of corned beef and matzo ball soup like I am) then Bernstein’s Deli is ready for you! Open since 1985 their motto is “Classic & Unexpected Deli Fare”, and that’s exactly what you’ll find there. Of course, the old favorites are there (and amazing) but they also have things you won’t find in other delis. For example, they have options for vegetarians, vegans, and those who are gluten-free or just looking for a healthy meal too. Thankfully this deli is open 7 days a week and also has their liquor license so you can realize your dreams. Meaning, of course, your dreams of getting a corned beef sandwich, some latkes, and a cold beer to go with it!



5. Trans Canada Brewing Company


Trans Canada Brewing Company
Picture Credits: Trans Canada Brewing Company


Located smack-dab in the middle of Winnipeg’s southwest corner, the Trans Canada Brewing Company always has your favorite on tap. These guys do it all too, from brewing, to a fully stocked taproom, to a mouth-watering pizza restaurant, and even live music in the same space! I can’t think of a better night than some independently brewed local beer, friends, pizza, and music – can you? And in case you’re not staying in Winnipeg for very long, they have you covered too with their retail store. They sell growlers, individual brews, as well as some pretty sweet merch like hats, t-shirts, and of course bottle openers too. Their on-site pizzeria, Timmy Tom’s, churns out pizza masterpieces that pair expertly with the beers on tap in their taproom, naturally. Looking for a really cool place to host your business meeting? Do your coworkers/employees like beer and pizza? They have you covered there too with their spacious function room. You’d be surprised how much better meetings are with a few taps in the room!



6. Bailey’s Restaurant & Bar


Bailey's Restaurant & Bar
Picture Credits: Bailey’s Restaurant & Bar


Who doesn’t like good food and a good cozy pub atmosphere? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Bailey’s Restaurant & Bar. Not only is their food delicious and cooked to perfection, but the old-world charm of the building and restaurant is really stunning. Whether you’re there for lunch or dinner you’re bound to find a new favorite on their menu. And don’t forget about the wine list either! The bar whips out some fantastic drinks that pair very well with the food too. If you’re not sure what pairs with what, just ask the very friendly staff and they’d be happy to help out! The restaurant is spread out over two floors, each with their own distinct style and vibe. Be sure to check out both while you’re there! Delicious food and charming character? How can you go wrong?



7. Amsterdam Tea Room


Amsterdam Tea Room
Picture Credits: Amsterdam Tea Room


And speaking of charm, anyone longing for a good cup of tea and a warm and inviting atmosphere should check out the Amsterdam Tea Room. Looking for something a bit stronger? Try one of their own handcrafted tea cocktails to take your date night up a notch or two too. While you’re there you really need to check out the food menu too – it’s incredible. Masterpieces like “Golden Beets, Braised Peaches, Hazelnuts, Double Creamed Ricotta, and Oregano” grace the elegant menu. Offering some of the best modern Dutch cuisine you can find,they combine the best of Europe to enjoy all in one place. From champagne, tea, stroopwafel, apple cinnamon toast crunch bread pudding, these guys have it all. And for you die-hard coffee drinkers out there, they serve a great cup of coffee for you too! All of their teas are available to purchase so you can take your new favorite brew home as well.




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