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Bucket List Worthy  

My big mouth often leads me into trouble. When we announced that Bethany won our giveaway of a trip to Switzerland, I quipped that since her hubby is the big hockey fan in the household, it would be a bit mean not to take him with her. Well, guess what? She took her friend Pat instead!

Bethany explained, “My husband was my first choice but he doesn’t have a passport. Also, he is a teacher and had to finish report cards. Instead, I brought my friend Pat from physiotherapy school. We had just completed our national licensing exam and officially graduated the week before I found out about the trip!”


The Game

The hockey game between HC Davos and EV Zug was the first one Bethany attended in person. Luckily Pat was on hand to point out who the players were. Her first impressions? “It was very loud. The diehard fans sat on opposing ends of the arena and waved huge flags, beat on drums and chanted in response to a leader with a megaphone. The arena was beautiful with the huge wooden arches overhead.” The game was an exciting one. Three goals were scored in the first period and the home team, HC Davos was vanquished by EV Zug with a final score of 5-4.

The Alps

It wasn’t all hockey for this duo who also got to do quite a bit of sightseeing, including a gondola ride up into the Alps. As Bethany described it, “The best part of the trip was taking the cable car in Davos to the top of one of the mountain peaks and hiking with spectacular views of the Alps all around us. It was very windy and chilly but the scenery was well worth it. We reached an artificial lake at the top and were tired from trekking uphill so we took a break and just goofed around — taking pictures of each other jumping and ‘planking’ with the mountains in the background.”

Hitting the Town

They also spent some time in town touring Zurich and Lucerne during their stay. “Zurich’s main street is called Banhofstrasse and is full of high-end retail stores and chocolate shops. We walked up and down it quite a few times, toured the two big cathedrals that dominate the skyline and ate in cafes and a Swiss restaurant. Lucerne is a very picturesque medieval town. We explored the wooden covered bridges and other shops there, and climbed beyond the old city wall to the top of the hill overlooking the city.

What do you suppose Bethany’s favourite souvenir was of her trip? All of the chocolate she brought home! She claims most of it went to family and friends. A likely story.

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