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What’s better than a travel guidebook with information about more than 7 Southeast Asian countries? A free guidebook to Southeast Asia that helps you save money while travelling. Travel Southeast Asia For Under $30 A Day is an easy-to-follow (and absolutely free) guidebook created by Manfred and Miu of Renegade Travels.

The book outlines how to travel throughout Southeast Asia on the cheap in easy to understand terms. They don’t advise you to sign up for 30 credit cards, hope for acceptance, then inherit 100,000 free miles. They guide you through their true spending step-by-step and offer breakdowns based on accommodations, food and drink, transportation and miscellaneous spending (souvenirs, tours, etc.).

Travel Southeast Asia For Under $30 A Day is exactly what the title suggests – a straight-to-the-point guidebook geared toward saving you money, so you can travel farther and for a longer amount of time.  If you’re looking for a travel book with frivolous language and elaborate personal adventure stories, you won’t find either of them here.

The Layout rsz_travel-se-asia-book

It may seem unnecessary to download and read an entire e-book with so many websites at your fingertips, but it’s convenient to have all of the information a compact and easy-to-follow layout that doesn’t rely on WiFi availability.

The book begins with preparations for travel including getting your visa for each country, finding the cheapest flight, and choosing the type of accommodation you will seek based on your budget. If you’re on a seriously tight budget, options like couchsurfing, avoiding alcohol, and choosing long bus rides over flights are discussed.

The book then moves into descriptions of each country and the cities to visit in those countries. Each city description offers sites to see, places to eat, where to stay and where to relax.

Their Path or Yours

Finally, you’ll read about Manfred and Miu’s exact travel path and where they stayed in each city. This section is guaranteed to help if you’re in a bind in one of these countries. Their links send you directly to the website of the place they stayed. Even better, they’ve included the name of the site they used to book their room for the best rate.

Follow their route across Southeast Asia if you’re weary of where to go and how to get there, or choose your own path and use this book as a reference. There’s no doubt you’ll be happy to have Manfred and Miu’s advice at your fingertips throughout your journey.

Affordable Can Still Be Exciting

Just because Manfred and Miu travel on a budget, doesn’t mean they miss out on the most noteworthy sites and adventures in each country. The $30-a-day budget leaves them with plenty of money to explore each city thoroughly.

They took a private slow boat down the Mekong River in Laos, explored the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, visited Angkor Wat and enjoyed countless adventures along the way – all within the average cost of $29 per person per day.

Try for Yourself

Few travel tools are as useful as the advice of a traveller who has actually done what you’re about to do. Download Travel Southeast Asia For Under $30 A Day (the link is at the top of this article) and help yourself save money, time and headaches down the road.

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