Bucket List Edition: A Havana Cigar Tour That Will Keep You Coming Back


Bucket List Worthy  

Havana Streets

Havana (perceptinspire, tumblr)

From cigar aficionados to regular joes, Havana will surely have something to satisfy all tastes. Experience the bustling urban stretch of the city, with an array of exotic and classic cars, or visit the countless historical pieces throughout the area. Immerse yourself in the city that has been built upon a vast culture and history spanning from; the Spanish travellers, to pirates, to even a infamous gambling scene. Havana is definitely a must-add to anyone’s bucket list.


Old Havana (chidofauxreal, tumblr)

Old Havana

Habana Vieja, or Old Havana is the city-center and one of the many municipalities forming Havana. Experience hot tropical nights, under the setting sun and yellow street lights. Adventure through the numerous Jazz clubs or cabarets, dancing the night away to thrilling music. Feel the Havana vibe, with the sultry air mixed with aromas of cigars and spiced rums with hints of live music being played in the background. Old Havana is where you want to start your bucket list destination. Behold the wide spectrum of architecture, varying from old crumbling buildings, to brand new sparkling structures indicating the rapid and ever changing region. You’ll quickly learn that locals are often eager for conversation with foreigners. Enjoy a night in one of the popular hotels such as; the Marqués de San Felipe, Saratoga, or the Conde de Villanueva.


The old Partagas Cigar Factory, Havana (calflier001, Flickr)

Cigar Factories

Even if you are not a cigar fanatic you are bound to enjoy experiencing one of the many cigar factories of Cuba. One recommendation is the Partagas Cigar Factory, considered one of the pinnacles of the Cuban cigar industry. Experience the famous cigar rolling hand techniques, the secrets of their deep flavours and the rich history of the establishment. Witness all the different shapes, sizes, and tastes utilized in the complicated cigar industry. Take advantage by getting a tour with one of the local tour guides with extensive knowledge for as little as 10 CUC (approximately $13.00 CAD). If that’s not enough, check out the Tobacco Museum or one of the many other famous cigar establishments.


Cuban Coffee with Cigars (brownishfan, tumblr)

Buying Cigars!

After you have become a cigar expert, you may want to buy one of the beautiful specimens. Havana Cigar shops are impressive as the cigars themselves, offering beautiful environments with rustic yet intricate designs. Choose from the largest selection of cigars in the world with prices ranging from as little as $4.00 CAD per cigar, or on the pricier ones around $20.00 CAD per cigar. Specifically, check out La Casa del Habano, long considered one of Cuba’s finest cigar stores. You can definitely expect a solid experience from this world famous franchise. Experience the full Cuban cigar experience, order a Cuban coffee after selecting a cigar. In one of many leisure areas, sit and relax as you enjoy your new cigar and a quality cup of coffee while taking in those havana night vibes.


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