Canada’s Spookiest Travel Destinations


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As Halloween approaches, Canadians begin to channel their ghoulish side, and Canada’s travellers are no different. Our poll about haunted travel destinations is now complete and the results are quite eerie.

Perhaps the scariest finding of all is that a majority of respondents – 57.3% – said they believe in ghosts, versus 42.7% of skeptics. Regardless of belief in the phantasmal, Canadians are either  fearless or foolish; when asked what they would do if they saw a ghost, 38.5% of respondents claim they would try to engage it in conversation, while another 27.4% would try to snap a photo. Only a third of respondents, 33.8%, said they would run or hide.

Asked about the country’s most haunted destinations, The Banff Springs hotel in Alberta earned top honours with 29.6%. Old Montreal came second with 20.9%, followed closely by Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, British Columbia with 20.1%.

While respondents were given a list to choose from, many supplied their own ghostly tourist hangouts, including the Keg Mansion in Toronto, and Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass. One particularly knowledgeable respondent informed us that the entire city of Kingston, Ontario, ‘is built on limestone and is a conductor for paranormal activity.’  Spooky!

Congratulations to Helaine B. from Ontario who is the lucky winner of a $100 Petro Canada gift card, and thanks to all you fearless folks who participated in the poll.

Have you ever visited a haunted attraction? Did you go there because it was haunted or in spite of it?

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