Canada’s Worst Airports 2013 Infographic



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Read our blog post about the Worst Airports survey.

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About the Author: Matt Gibson

Matt Gibson is the Let's Roll blog manager. He also writes for the Huffington Post,, and his own adventure travel blog.


  • Matt,
    Lots of cool data here.
    Wow, no one likes Pearson huh? Can’t quite figure out which airport works the least for me at all.
    Let me take a look at this and look at the data some more.

  • Yep, Pearson was definitely the least popular. I thought you would have had strong feelings about this!

  • I would have to say Montreal is the worst — the wait time for your luggage there is abysmal.

  • People at airports say they “enjoy” new “food concepts” while there?

    Losing hope for humanity…

  • Love the infographic…I am torn between Toronto and Montreal myself. I rarely fly through Montreal but do remember the super slow lines. Toronto just drives me nuts because the food choices once through security are pretty poor. We have to get there earlier and earlier and when we do, there is so little to choose from! Don’t understand what the new food concepts are or where they are found…guess I am not travelling across Canada enough these days!

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