Canada’s Worst Airports Infographic 2015


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So much is changing with travel and that’s not going to change anytime soon but one thing travel is most likely not going to be changing anytime soon is the airports we fly from and to. With the flights, travelers have a choice to pick which airline they prefer, which one offers better service, better meals, better entertainment options, etc. Each airport is very different and can provide a very different experience for each and every traveler.

Airports are a traveler’s first experience as they depart for their vacation. An airport experience can set the tone for a trip without even realizing it.  It’s been two years since we’ve run this survey but thought it was about time to see if opinions have changed on how Canadians feel about airports in this country.

We’ve highlighted this year’s findings below:

1)  Toronto Pearson International Airport remains the Worst Airport in Canada. However only 35% chose Pearson as the worst airport, a significant decrease from the 71% in 2013

2) MontrealPierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport came in at second with 16% of respondents choosing it as the worst airport. Two years ago, this airport also ranked second with  only 12.8% of the “worst” votes.

3) Vancouver International Airport also remained the 3rd worst airport with 7.4% of respondents claiming it was the worst.

It’s important to keep in mind that these three airports are the biggest in Canada and therefore get the most traffic coming through them. It’s more likely that Canadians would have passed through these three airports as oppose to others.

When asked which factors of an airport are the most important for travellers for making their experience a positive one, it was “Getting through security lines quickly” with 65.26% respondents that ranked it as the top factor, followed by “bad service” (49.88%) and being overcrowded (46.90%) came in at third.

Has your latest experience in a Canadian airport been a positive one? 

How can Canadian airports learn from international airports


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