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Whether you’re planning a road trip across Canada as an international traveller or you are actually a Canadian in need of some more Canadian inspiration, this is going to be your go-to blog. This is the answer to the almighty question of “…so what actually is Canadian cuisine?” We get it, we may not have created delectable pasta dishes like the Italians or the massive TexMex meals like the Mexicans, but we Canadians too have some pretty mouth-watering dishes of our own. Take a look for yourself.

1. Poutine

Originating from the province of Quebec in Canada, poutine is a delicious and greasy meal that is a popular fast food dish across the nation. Fresh crispy French fries doused in a flavorful pot of piping hot gravy and topped with white curd cheese. Need I say more? Mmm mmm mmm…


2. Beaver Tails

A wonderful and delicious brand of its own, Beaver Tails are sold across Canada and can be found at the main Beaver Tails stores or at the road side Beaver Tails stalls throughout theme parks, festivals and many larger Canadian branded events. This Canadian deep fried pastry dish is a sweet dessert that makes me drool even just typing the word. Fried in the shape of a ‘beavers tail’ and then topped with your choice of delicious candies and chocolates. They are always changing the toppings but my favorite has got to be the basic cinnamon and sugar or the chocolate spread with Reese’s Pieces bits.


3. Maple Syrup

If you’ve heard of Canada, you’ve likely heard of Maple Syrup. From far and wide, O’ Canada, you can find bottles of Maple Syrup on every grocery store shelf. You can explore the Canadian forests just before the dead of winter and find sap buckets attached to the maple trees during the process of producing maple syrup. Maple syrup is a sweet and yummy sauce made to drizzle on pancakes, French toast, bacon, ice cream and really anything you could imagine!


4. Nanaimo Bars

This is a no-bake, easy to make, fun to eat delicious dessert across Canada. If you’re having a family party, expect Nanaimo bars to be on the table for dessert. Layered with cookie crumbs, vanilla flavored butter icing and a thick spread of melted chocolate, this dish has got to be one of our best!


5. Split Pea Soup

This is the yellow beaned ‘feel better’ soup as my family liked to call it. Originating from Quebec, this split pea soup is made with blended yellow peas and hearty pieces of ham. Great in the winter after a few rounds of sledding in the crisp cold snow, after a day’s long effort at building snowmen or whenever you’re feeling blue.


6. Maple Bacon

Does is sound absurd? Yes, I am aware. Whether it was founded from a messy plate of pancakes drenched in maple syrup with a side of bacon or a very odd Canadian that decided to dip their bacon in maple syrup… it still tastes wonderful! Try thinking of things like chocolate covered pretzels or strawberries in a savory salad. Sweet and salty isn’t a new invention, try some maple bacon, eh?


7. Peameal Bacon

Otherwise known as ‘Canadian bacon,’ this Canadian tradition is from my hometown Toronto, Ontario. Don’t ask where the idea came from, that’s a longer story, but this Canadian bacon is dip in crushed yellow peas and fried up similar to a standard bacon but with a thicker and meatier cut. You can eat peameal bacon on a sandwich or for breakfast with your eggs and pancakes.


8. Butter Tarts

Sugar, Syrup, Butter and Egg, weird? I don’t think so! I will admit, the title ‘butter tart’ and the simple combination of too much sugar, syrup, butter and eggs may sound a little unappetizing but take that first bite and you will be hooked. This mixture is poured into a thick crispy pastry and baked to a crisp. Butter tarts are a scrumptious Canadian dessert that are bound to be sitting right next to your Nanaimo bars on that pastry plate.


9. Smoked Salmon

Salmon may be found in many parts across the world but is often considered a delicacy among many parts of the world. Due to Canada’s abundance of salmon swimming along the streams has allowed smoked salmon to become part of our daily lifestyles for much of the year.


10. Tim Horton’s Last, but certainly not least is the loved and craved Tim Horton’s.

Though it’s a chain restaurant now expanding into parts of the United States, Tim Horton’s is a proud Canadian coffee shop in which most of us are addicted to making it part of our morning routines. Coffee, Timbits, donuts, and sandwiches are all prepared fresh at a great and affordable price across the country. Boy, do we love our Timmy’s! 


About the Author: Jenna Davis

I am a 20-something Canadian travel blogger whose home address is as unknown as the next destination I will be visiting. I run my own travel blog at with a focus on affordable travel and unique experiences. Helping keep our true north strong and free, I have also developed a non-profit organization which supports northern Canadians living in poverty. Give for Granted.

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