Canadians’ 20 Favourite Travel Destinations


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Canadians are often lumped together with Americans and our preferences frequently ignored, so we investigated where in the world Canadians like to travel most.

We used several years of FlightNetwork flight booking data to determine the top 20 international destinations for return trips originating in Canada. These stats reflect passengers’ final destinations and do not include connecting flights.

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions about why Canadians choose to travel where they do.

1. London – 6.5%

London Eye
London Eye – photo by Mike Peel

2. New York – 6%

New York Central Park
Bow Bridge in Central Park

3. Las Vegas – 5%

Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas Strip – photo by Daniel Ramirez

4. Los Angeles – 4.7%

Los Angeles Griffith Observatory
View of Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory – photo by Mike Chen

5. Fort Lauderdale – 4.5%

Fort Lauderdale canals
Canals in Fort Lauderdale – photo by Wally Gobetz

6. Orlando – 4.4%

Magic Kingdom Orlando
Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando – photo by Tia Eliane Turismo e Intercambio

7. San Francisco – 3.2%

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge – photo by Rich Niewiroski Jr.

8. Phoenix – 3.1%

Barrel cactus in Phoenix Arizona
Barrel cacti in Phoenix, Arizona – photo by Gary Minniss

9. Paris – 2.7%

Paris Jardin Luxembourg
Jardin Luxembourg in Paris – photo by Rdevany

10. Chicago – 2.6%

Chicago Millennium Park
Chicago’s Millennium Park – photo by Steve Wright Jr.

11. Miami – 2.3%

Miami MacArthur Causeway
Miami’s MacArthur Causeway – photo by MrClean1982

12. Tampa – 2.1%

Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay – photo by Nick Ares

13. Boston – 1.9%

Boston Cream Pie
Boston Cream Pie at the Parker House Hotel – photo by Matt Ketterling

14. Dallas – 1.8%

Dallas – photo by Vittorio Ferrari

15. Cancun – 1.4%

Parasailing in Cancun – Photo by Raj Taneja

16. Amsterdam – 1.4%

Amsterdam bicycles
Bicycles in Amsterdam – photo by Shokichka

17. Rome – 1.3%

Monument for Victor Emanuel II in Rome – Photo by Stefan Bauer

18. Washington – 1.2%

Washington Library of Congress
Reading Room at the Library of Congress in Washington – photo by Carol M. Highsmith

19. San Diego – 1.2%

San Diego
San Diego – photo by Jon Sullivan


20. Fort Myers – 1.2%

Fort Myers
Beach at Fort Myers – photo by MrOmega

Hey Canadians, what’s your favourite travel destination?

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