Recent Survey Results Reveal Consumers are Angry Over Ongoing Increase in Airline Fees


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Airline fees are not something new but it is becoming more common for airlines to start charging for things they didn’t charge for before. In recent years, baggage fees have become more common and now we are now starting to see a trend with airlines charging for other add-ons such as seat selection, the ability to sit with children, meals, priority boarding, the ability to watch movies, etc.

Some low-cost carriers have recently announced an increase in their early boarding fee by 20%, which would allow travelers to select their seat if they board first. These profit-boosting measures are already used by many airlines around the world and fees are usually charged for seats that have more legroom or are closer to the front of the plane.

Canadian consumers were polled from a variety of different sources, including those who have visited the website, have subscribed to promotional emails, are social media followers and are active on Canadian websites.

The survey allowed Canadians to weigh in on how additional charges will affect their decisions to purchase flights with a particular airline.

Here are some highlights from the poll:

After surveying, over 700 Canadian consumers on their thoughts towards airline fees, it was evident that the majority of the respondents were angry with ongoing new airline fees being introduced that ultimately raises the cost of travel.

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As a result of the majority of Canadians being angry about additional airline fees, 66% of respondents indicated that these fees will “Somewhat likely” or “Likely” affect their decision to book flights with a particular airline.  This is common in cheaper carriers but will probably start to become more common in other major airlines as well.

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In addition, when asked which items consumers would be willing to pay for, the most respondents selected “None”. However, the items that people would be willing to pay for are “Meals”, “Checked Baggage” and “Seat Selection”.


Overall, Canadians are not happy with the additional fees that airlines are charging and they claim that these charges will ultimately affect their decision to travel with certain airlines. However, with these new fees, customers are able to pay for what is important to them.  It will be interesting to see what airlines will charge for in the future and how they will impact us as travellers.

Will airline fees affect your choice of airline?

How can airlines provide an exceptional experience while they continue to charge new fees?

Let us know in the comments below.


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