By Lucas Aykroyd | February 22, 2016

Red Square is the centerpiece of Moscow with the Kremlin and Lenin’s tomb.

By Carri Wilbanks | February 16, 2016

It’s not just the year around sunshine, palm tree lined roads, shopping and ch

By Lucas Aykroyd | February 13, 2016

Machu Picchu is the Wayne Gretzky of Peruvian tourist attractions. Photo: Lucas

By Courtney McCaffrey | February 12, 2016

Some restaurants are boring. You sit down, choose from a menu of chicken fingers

By Lucas Aykroyd | February 10, 2016

The Tukayev Mosque, nearly 200 years old, is a landmark in hockey-mad Ufa, Russi

By Parm Parmar | February 2, 2016

Once nicknamed ‘Smoky City’, due to its industrial history in iron and steel

By Lucas Aykroyd | February 1, 2016

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected, he shocked Ottawa by vo

By IT OPS | January 14, 2016

Welcome to our list of The Top 50 “Hottest” Tours In Canada. Click t

By IT OPS | January 13, 2016

Thoughts of Canada this season may bring you shivers and visions of red noses an

By Lucas Aykroyd | January 11, 2016

I’m staring at an enormous silver head. Stationed outside the chic Quadrio sho

By Lucas Aykroyd | December 21, 2015

George Bernard Shaw lends his name to Niagara-on-the-Lake’s theatre festiv

By Troy Lee | December 14, 2015

British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley is well known for its vineyards, fine resta

By Lucas Aykroyd |

In this stunning, previously unreleased segment from The National, the flagship

By Sarah Deveau |

1. Carnaval de Quebec in Quebec City, Quebec Leave it to Canada’s liveliest pr

By Lucas Aykroyd | December 2, 2015

Bears and glaciers are cool, but they don’t talk. Tourism in Alaska needs a st

By Courtney McCaffrey | November 30, 2015

As snow starts to pile up outside our doors, hopping aboard a cruise and escapin

By Lucas Aykroyd | November 25, 2015

Psychedelic rock glory isn’t, perhaps, the first thing that comes to mind when

By Courtney McCaffrey | November 23, 2015

We’ve all eaten our fair share of Italian food. Spaghetti with meatballs i

By Parm Parmar | November 16, 2015

Piedmont Italy is a land of mountains; in fact Piedmont means ‘foot of the mou

By Sarah Deveau | September 10, 2015

You don’t need to speak the language to fall head over heels in love with La b

By Lin Stranberg | July 24, 2015

Wine, theatre, golf and shopping. Did we mention great food, spas and scenery? A

By Courtney McCaffrey | July 10, 2015

The majesty of Niagara Falls is something that’s difficult to describe in

By Matthew Greenspan | July 3, 2015

Vancouver, British Columbia is a sunny summer wonderland for both locals and vis

By IT OPS | June 30, 2015

No vacation time left, but a strong desire to explore? We’ve all been there. W

By Stephanie Morrison | June 26, 2015

Over-water bungalows, a crystal-blue lagoon and lush tropical scenery bless the

By Courtney McCaffrey | June 15, 2015

It has been said that Cambodia‘s Angkor Wat can only be rivaled by a few o

By Courtney McCaffrey | June 2, 2015

Surfing is an infectious sport. It’s so infectious that the number of surf

By Courtney McCaffrey | April 21, 2015

   The U.K. is no stranger to tourists. Whether you’re an avid traveler

By Courtney McCaffrey | April 14, 2015

From the Amazon rainforest to the Galapagos Islands, Andes Mountains, Inca ruins

By Kelly Dunning | April 2, 2015

In our beloved true North strong and free, the line between civilisation and wil

By Courtney McCaffrey | March 31, 2015

Many travelers know little about Poland aside from its pierogi, kielbasa and oth

By Courtney McCaffrey | March 17, 2015

Luxembourg isn’t one of those travel destinations you hear all of your fri

By Courtney McCaffrey | March 5, 2015

Morocco is one of the most diverse countries in all of Africa. Bustling city lif

By Courtney McCaffrey | February 24, 2015

There’s a reason the South Korean capital’s official name is Seoul S

By Courtney McCaffrey | February 11, 2015

Monaco is one of the most unique countries in the world. Glitz, glamour and indu

By Bobby Heard | February 9, 2015

With the NFL season now officially over, many players are taking a few weeks to

By Courtney McCaffrey | January 27, 2015

Amsterdam is one of the most eclectic cities in the world. Art enthusiasts, hipp

By Courtney McCaffrey | January 13, 2015

Foodies, artists, athletes, history buffs, beach bums and night owls can all fin

By Courtney McCaffrey | January 12, 2015

If your idea of paradise involves white sand beaches, turquoise water and wind-s

By Courtney McCaffrey | January 6, 2015

Put these 12 cities on your Canada foodie bucket list and start discovering all

By Cedric Lizotte | January 5, 2015

Winter in Canada might be difficult for all of us because how harsh it is, but i

By Kelly Dunning | January 4, 2015

When you imagine the perfect beach vacation you probably picture yourself walkin

By Courtney McCaffrey | January 3, 2015

Bangkok is the world’s most visited city, and there are far more than 15 r

By Kelly Dunning | January 2, 2015

Caves are pretty amazing places. Deep caverns within the mountains and rocks of

By Kelly Dunning | January 1, 2015

Are you planning a family getaway? Going on a trip with the family can be a grea

By IT OPS | December 29, 2014

There’s definitely no shortage of reasons why Iceland should be on your bucket

By Courtney McCaffrey | December 27, 2014

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are some of the most amazing places on earth. And wi

By Courtney McCaffrey | December 20, 2014

Some of the world’s best scenery can’t be seen from solid ground. An

By Courtney McCaffrey | December 18, 2014

Long-haul flights may sound daunting at first, but the idea of traveling around

By Courtney McCaffrey | December 17, 2014

From the cosmopolitan capital to empty islands, coffee farms, and native culture

By Jenna Davis | December 14, 2014

1. Freiburg Cathedral – 3,00 Euros Just a few minutes down the hill into t

By Courtney McCaffrey | December 13, 2014

Watching the ball drop in New York City or admiring the fireworks on Copacabana

By Courtney McCaffrey | December 11, 2014

Croatia is the definition of a dreamy travel destination. Historic cities, prist

By Cedric Lizotte | December 8, 2014

All-inclusive resorts on the beach are the most relaxing, laid back, enjoyable v

By Jenna Davis | December 6, 2014

Whether Indian specialties are a favorite for you internationally or not, it is

By Jenna Davis | December 5, 2014

Whether you’re looking for a beach side relaxing getaway or looking to plan a

By Kraig Becker | December 4, 2014

Imagine a sprawling city filled with bustling streets, busy shops, and passing v

By Cedric Lizotte | December 2, 2014

If Christmas markets don’t get you in the festive spirit nothing will. The

By Jenna Davis | December 1, 2014

Now that December has approached, all that you’re probably thinking about is C

By Courtney McCaffrey | November 28, 2014

Despite the snow and disgruntling temperatures, December has earned its place am