Cruise the Nile

Lounging on the bow of a sailboat as a gentle wind pushes you down the Nile makes you feel as though you’re Egyptian royalty from ancient times. Along the way, you’ll stop off to savour archeological treasures, golden deserts, and life-affirming sunsets. This boutique journey gets underway in Luxor, Egypt, where you can take a stroll on the famous waterside corniche before setting sail. From Luxor, you’ll glide down the Nile to Esna and visit the Temple of Khnum, then take a walk on streets filled with exotic textiles and other goods for purchase. The next morning, examine decorated tombs carved into a mountain, and soak in the wonders of the temple of Nekhbet. In the afternoon, hop back on the boat and head for Edfu, home to the well-preserved Greco-Roman temple dedicated to the God Horus, then return to your floating accommodations by horse and carriage.

The Nile narrows considerably as you reach Gebel Silsila, and set out for the temple of Horemheb, and the sandstone quarries that provided the materials for many of Egypt’s famous temples. Get ready to check out mummified crocodiles as your boat docks in Komo Ombo, before finishing your trip in Aswan.

Getting there

Although your air travel to Luxor may be a bit long, especially if you’re coming from North America, remember that you’re about to spend numerous leisurely days floating down the Nile. If you’re flying out of North America, you can get flights from Toronto, New York City, Houston, Chicago, and Atlanta that include at least one connecting flight, usually in Cairo. European travellers can fly out of London, Paris, City of Brussels, Frankfurt, and Munich, and will also be hopping on a connecting flight in Cairo.