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Photo credit: Africa4Us
Photo credit: Africa4Us

The African continent spans roughly 30.3 million square kilometres. With so much space, 54 countries, and landscapes ranging from wildlife-filled national parks to picture-perfect beaches, you’ll probably find yourself stumped when even considering where to begin an African adventure.

Africa4Us tours provide a solution to the countless travel agencies and other services that will offer to help you plan your African getaway for an uncomfortably high price. Africa4Us makes planning your visit to Africa easy, affordable, and exciting with a number of adventure tour options that take you into the Southern and Eastern Africa wilderness, mingling with locals in authentic villages, and to some of the continent’s best-kept secrets.

You don’t have to have a limitless budget, months of travel time, or an expertise in travel planning to have the African adventure of a lifetime.

What Makes Africa4Us Different?

Photo credit: Africa4Us
Photo credit: Africa4Us

A simple Google search for African tours could make you want to change your travel destination. There are so many tours on the market that choosing one can seem impossible. Africa4Us makes planning your adventure simpler, so you can stop stressing and start getting excited about your upcoming, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When you book with Africa4Us, you’re getting more than 16 years of tour experience on your side. The born and bred African tour guides provide the safest and most secure adventures, so you can focus on immersing yourself in cultural and scenic experiences without worry. With millions of miles and thousands of hours on the road under their belts, Africa4Us guides understand exactly what it takes to make your African travel experience your most fulfilling one yet.

What Tours Are Available?

Photo credit: Africa4Us
Photo credit: Africa4Us

Africa4Us offers unique adventure trips throughout Southern and East Africa. You won’t just be going on a safari or a historic tour of Cape Town, you’ll experience multiple aspects of these African regions at once, including overnight adventures in the African wilderness, daytime safaris, architectural tours, hikes, and even the opportunity to skydive (if you’re willing) in some areas.

Visitors can opt for Adventure Travel Tours, Premium Adventure Tours or Premium Adventure Plus Tours to suit varying accommodation and budget needs. Tours range from six-days to 45-days long, making it easier to tailor your trip to your specific wants and needs.

An Affordable Option for Africa

Photo credit: Africa4Us

Many travelers assume that guided tours throughout Africa are only for those with bottomless budgets. But whether you choose a budget-friendly Adventure Travel Tour with cozy camping accommodations or a Premium Adventure Plus Tour with luxurious accommodations and a top-end adventure vehicle, you’ll still save big bucks over the competition. allows you to cut out the middlemen associated with most travel agencies and tour companies by booking directly on their website. The company even operates an office in Victoria, British Columbia, making it easier to contact them directly during your travel planning process. Best of all, Africa4Us tours provide environmentally and culturally friendly experiences, so you can have a more positive impact on the unforgettable places and people you meet along the way.


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