How to Drink Beer on Vacation (Really, You Can Do It Better)


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Photo credit: Deborah Kolb via Shutterstock
Photo credit: Deborah Kolb via Shutterstock

By Jessica Festa

In addition to being delicious and refreshing, craft beer allows you to literally taste local culture. While brewery tours and tastings are interesting, there are a number of companies catering to brew enthusiasts who are looking for a unique experience. Get a buzz in an unusual way with some of the following quirky beer experiences.

1. Scavengers San Diego

Have you ever dreamed of drinking craft beer while riding around coastal California in a retired military vehicle? Probably not, but it sounds at least a little bit interesting, right?

This unusual fantasy can become a reality in San Diego. Scavenger Beer Adventures takes hop heads to the San Diego area’s top breweries and brew pubs in a 6×6 military Pinzgauer, crafted in the 1960s in Austria by a man named Steyr-Daimler-Puch. Opt for the “Beer Safari,” which goes to three craft breweries and a delicious BBQ joint, or a “Captain Seabird’s Beer Exploration,” which introduces guests to the best craft beers, pizza, and coastal sights in San Diego and surrounding area.

2. Indulge At A Beer Spa


You’ve probably seen wine, honey and chocolate incorporated into your spa treatments, but what about beer? Beer yeast contains elements that increase skin elasticity, balance PH levels, soften skin and kill acne-causing bacteria, making it a powerful spa treatment ingredient.

A number of spas and venues around the world use it in their treatments, for example, the rooftop Beer Spa at the Adventure Brew Hostel in in La Paz, Bolivia, where one can submerge themselves in brew-filled hot tubs free-of-charge as long as they purchase a jug of beer. In Prague, the Beer Spa at Beer Bernard offers a similar brew bath experience.

Another great place beer-infused spa treatment is offered at the Spa Shawnee at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort in Delaware, Pennsylvania. Here you can choose from a variety of treatments that incorporate Shawnee craft beer, such as a Shawnee Craft Body Wrap. Skin is first exfoliated with a 10-grain scrub before being slathered in a Shawnee craft yeast and botanical mud mask. A heating blanket keeps you warm while activating the ingredients, and a head and scalp massage relaxes you further. Other beer-infused treatments at the spa include a Beer Pedicure, a Beer Facial and Hair Deep Conditioning.

And at the Spa Atlantic at the Atlantic Resort & Spa Fort Lauderdale Beach , one can enjoy a  “Citrus Suds Body Cocoon & Bath.” The treatment incorporates local Florida beer in a citrus beer body exfoliation, body wrap, and beer hair and scalp treatment. At the end, soak in bath of honey bee beer, lemons, oranges and grapefruit while sipping a glass of craft beer. The treatment lasts 80 minutes and is $220

3. Take A Beercation

For those wanting to explore the craft beer scene in Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, or Florida, Bon Beer Voyage offers custom beer tours and multi-day beer itineraries. they offer a private canal boat trip with a private chef who prepares beer and meal pairings, tours of craft breweries, samples of local beers, pub crawls, and education how beer influences local culture.

4.  A “Beers Of The Maine Coast” Cruise

For those who enjoy cruising, the Schooner Mary Day hosts a soon-to-be-annual six-day “Beers of the Maine Coast” excursion. During the trip, 28 guests will ride in a 19th-century-style schooner, learning about Maine’s craft beer scene through interactive experiences.

The trip is led by Captain Barry King, an expert on boating and lover of craft and home-brewed beer. Some highlights of the journey include brewing nut-brown ale on the boat; visiting the Marshall Wharf Brewing Co in Belfast; a lobster bake on a deserted beach; seal and bald eagle spotting; and the chance to dock at different ports and explore local libation offerings. Days are filled with beer sampling while delicious nightly dinners are perfectly paired with local brews. The cost for this brew-themed cruise is $975 per person, including all meals, accommodations and activities.

5. Scream Through An Adventurous Beer-Infused Zipline


Called the “Beer & Fear Party,” tour-goers spend two hours conquering Terrapin Adventures’ high ropes course, scaling a 43-foot (13-meter) tower, maneuvering across 18 high ropes challenges, flying at top speed on a 330-foot (101-meter) zipline and feeling the force of 2Gs on a giant swing.

Afterward, nerves are calmed with a beer and food pairing meal, which includes a selection of Rams Head Tavern Beers. Located in Maryland, the cost of the “Beer & Fear Party” is $79.95 per person. Typically it takes place the third Sunday of each month, but call (301) 725-1313 to verify.

6. Happy Hour Yoga

While pairing beer with nachos or football is a common occurrence, it’s not everyday you hear about coupling the libation with wellness-inducing yoga. In Philadelphia, beer columnist Don Russell (AKA Joe Sixpack) leads Happy Hour Yoga with his wife, Theresa Conroy, who owns the Yoga on the Ridge studio. After Theresa teaches a one-hour all-levels-welcome yoga class, her husband leads a one-hour structured beer tasting, enhancing the workout with the health benefits of brewers yeast, malted barley and hops. The experience costs $25. .

7. Take Part In A “Hops And Hippos Safari”


For those who have dreamed of going on a South African safari, Africa Adventure Consultants offers a 13-day “Hops and Hippos Safari”. This 3-day safari in a private game reserve puts the focus on photographing the Big Five, watching wildlife its natural habitat, an drinking beer. Attendees visit South Africa’s best breweries and pubs, see a woman craft beer in a traditional African style in her home, visit a beer museum and take a homebrewing class. Packages for the “Hops and Hippos Safari” start at $3,929 per person.

8. Milwaukee In General

Milwaukee is home to a slew of quirky beer experiences. Spend the night at Brewhouse Inn & Suites, located in the same complex where the legendary Pabst Brewery once resided. A green hotel offering only suites, the property showcases beer-themed artwork like giant copper brew kettles, a stained glass window depicting the patron saint of brewing, and industrial elements left from the days of Pabst.

Enjoy a local beer in their onsite pub, or opt to partake in an unusual pub crawl with Milwaukee Pedal Tavern. You’ll ride around on a 16-person bicycle with a music system going from pub to pub. And for the quirkiest beer tour in America — and possibly the world — head to Lakefront Brewery, where your guide will enlighten you about beer making through dirty jokes, awkward dancing, and jabs.

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