Drive Iceland’s Ring Road

Road tripping across Iceland’s Ring Road is the ideal way to fully absorb the many wonders of this astonishing Nordic island. This not only means that you get the opportunity to see almost all of the unique regions of the island nation, but you will also get to do it at your own pace. The 1,332 km road will take you through the mountains, the glaciers, the fjords, and along incredible coastlines. Adventurous travellers will find numerous thrills along the way, such as the thundering Dettifoss waterfall, Hlíðarfjall ski slopes in Akureyri, and the ice tunnel and caves on Langjökull, Europe‘s second largest glacier. A road trip around this intriguing country will awaken a sense of awe and vibrant spirit of adventure in every traveller.

The drive begins in Keflavik, taking you on a spectacular journey around the entire island, making 12 stops along the way. You will drive around the Golden Circle, visit villages along the South Coast, be mesmerized viewing Hvannadalshnukur (Iceland’s highest peak), drive through the spectacular East Fjords, stare at magnificent waterfalls and lakes and soak in hot springs. Once you arrive in the capital of Reykjavik you will be swept away by the city’s fascinating Viking history, geothermal Blue Lagoon spa, and  rotating Perlan glass dome, which offers sweeping views of the sea.

Getting there

Iceland is quite easy to travel to when flying internationally to the Keflavík International Airport, located just 40-minutes from Reykjavik. In particular, Icelandair will make your travels as smooth as can be with the top quality service, with flights arriving from Amsterdam, Chicago, Detroit, Frankfurt, London, Toronto, Vancouver and a plethora of other major European and North American cities. Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa and a few others also offer flights. At Keflavík, travellers can get a car rental at their desired outfitter in the arrivals hall. You are then all set to go on an epic road trip of a lifetime.