Essential Tips for a Family Trip to Disneyland 



While Disneyland can certainly be one of the most magical places on earth, it can also be a land mine of stress. However, with a few essential tips and tricks you can ensure your journey through this dreamland is overflowing with family bonding, simplicity and ample joy.

Bring snacks

While Disneyland doesn’t allow coolers, they do allow almost every variety of snack, as long as it’s not stored in glass. Having a supply of your family’s favorite healthy snacks will provide lasting energy and minimize the funds you spend on pricey Disney cuisine.

Invest in the Disney MaxPass

This $15 per person Disneyland app feature is well worth the funds as it allows you to score Fast Passes without having to schlep all over the park to find the Fast Pass kiosks. Utilizing Fast Passes for attractions that offer them can easily double the amount of rides you’re able to enjoy in a day.

Use the Disneyland app to access wait times, then plan accordingly

This handy app provides almost constantly updated wait times, allowing you to maximize your time by only heading to rides that have wait times under 20ish minutes, which is easy to find if you keep an eye on the app. You’re also more apt to find these shorter wait times right after 8:30am and 8pm.


Order Disney toys online and bring them with you

You can easily spend over $100 on toys at Disneyland, especially if you have more than one child. Save yourself some serious dough by purchasing a few Disney-themed goodies online for a significantly reduced price, then store them in the backpack you bring to the park. When you’re in the park and the kids inevitably start begging for a toy, you can pull out the goods.

Show young kids videos of rides before you go

This preview of rides helps you prevent the hassle of waiting in a long line only to discover that your child is too nervous to go on it. As many of these nerves arise from not knowing what to expect, you can limit this phenomenon by letting them see what the rides entail ahead of time. Videos of almost every ride can be found online.

Preload your mind with fun games to play in line

You can infuse your Disneyland-time with family bonding and minimal boredom by researching games you can play in line. For example, you can try Eye Spy, 20 Questions, Ghost and Categories.

Print short versions of the stories of the rides you’ll be going on

Get your kids amped up for rides like Snow White, Frog and Toad, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and others by reading them a story that’s based on the ride. Not only will this get them excited and use up line time, but will also help them understand the storyline of the attraction.

Have everyone pee before long waits

There are few things as devastating as almost getting to the end of a long line then having to skip out because your kid exclaims that they’re about to pee themselves.

Measure your child’s height

It can be tricky to know what rides your family can and cannot hop on if you’re unsure of the height of your kids. So, measure your child’s height before you head to the park, then use the Disneyland app to determine the height requirements for the various rides. If your child is on the edge of the height requirement, know that they may not let them on.


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