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Have you ever heard of Tyrol? It’s one of the best parts of Austria, well-known for the beautiful nature, delicious food and unique culture. Yodeling and celebrating Oktoberfest are things that makes it famous all over the world. Austria has one,  best-kept secret that only few people know about. It’s called Olympiaregion Seefeld and it is a part of Tyrol.

Kaltwassersee Olympiaregion

Located only a half hour drive from Innsbruck, this region is a paradise for tourists. In the winter, it’s a great destination for skiing and snowboarding. Olympiaregion Seefeld is covered with snow for at least half of the year!

Bench Seefeld snow

Summer, spring and autumn are great seasons for hiking and exploring the mountainous area of this region. You will fall in love with the Kaltwassersee. This lake is so peaceful that you could spend the entire day there, relaxing and breathing the fresh, unpolluted air. For adrenaline lovers, mountain biking is a great choice. There are many challenging routes in the area, Experience something new and unforgettable.

Tirolan house

If you don’t really like getting tired, you should still consider Olympiaregion Seefeld as your holiday destination. Almost every hotel in this part of Tyrol has its own spa, so you can relax all day without leaving your lodging. What can be better than chilling in the warm hot tub surrounded by the majestic Alps mountains?

Colorful autumn

Now something for the foodies- Tyrolean cuisine is absolutely delicious! Itculinary culture is based on meat and cheese. Drinking the famous alcoholic spritzer is a must when you are having a traditional dinner after a long day. Being in Austria and not trying the Sachertorte for a dessert is almost a crime!

Tyrolean food

If you are still hesitating, there is one last reason why you should visit Olympiaregion Seefeld- its Tyrolean people. They are so friendly and straightforward that you will immediately feel like home there.

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