Expedition To Antarctica

A frosty otherworld of twinkling glaciers and frozen plains, Antarctica is a magnet for the most intrepid travelers. Because this continent can only be explored from November to March, and requires expert guidance, one of the best ways to experience it is by expedition ship. The journey begins in Ushuaia, Argentina, a town located on an archipelago in the southern tip of South America, nicknamed “End of the World.” Thrill seekers will rejoice as the initial phase of the trip takes you through the infamous waters of the Drake Passage, the 600 miles of ocean between Ushuaia and Antarctica.

Floating baby blue icebergs greet you when the Antarctica Peninsula comes into sight, and surround you as you explore the South Shetland Islands. Here you’ll find the famous volcanic cone of Deception Island, one of Antarctica’s aptly named Penguin Islands, and Elephant Island, where the members of the 1915 “Endurance” expedition were stranded for 135 days. The voyage culminates in the Polar Circle, one of the best places to view the dazzling Southern Lights, before you loop back through the South Shetland Islands on your way to Ushuaia.

Getting there

The journey is half the adventure when you’re headed for Antarctica. As most ships bound for Antarctica leave from Ushuaia, Argentina, you will need to fly into Buenos Aires, then take a connecting flight to Ushuaia’s Malvinas Argentinas International Airport. United States residents can fly from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Houston, or Atlanta via American Airlines, United or Delta Airlines. Travellers leaving from Canada can take a direct flight to Buenos Aires from Toronto, and European residents can fly out of London or Madrid. From Ushuaia, you’ll need to arrange passage to Antarctica by ship. There are numerous cruise packages offered for travel to this mysterious and vastly uninhabited continent.