It’s All About the Journey: An Interview With Kerwin McKenzie


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Kerwin McKenzie has been to 108 countries, averages 300,000 miles in the air every year, runs five separate travel sites, and has visited over 300 different airports. Needless to say, he knows a lot about traveling, but he knows even more about flying. A retired airline employee — Kerwin tries not to spend much time on the ground. In fact, he doesn’t even have a “brick and mortar” home.

We were able to pull Kerwin aside from his travel blogs and nomadic lifestyle for a moment to ask him a few questions. We discovered he’s a very busy entrepreneur who knows nearly everything about air travel — and he’s just the kind of guy we’d want to travel with.

LR: What song title best describes you?

KM: I’m leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again.

LR: What’s the last book you finished?

KM: I’m bad at that, but I’m currently reading Gary V’s book, “Jab, Jab, Jab.”

LR: Which country has the best food?

KM: Jamaica; but I’m biased.

LR: So, you’re from Jamaica?

KM: I was born in Jamaica and grew up there. I lived with my grandparents as my parents worked in the city. It’s typical of most Jamaican families to have the grandparents take care of the children if the parents have to work. I saw my parents during the summertime.

LR: What’s the weirdest item you can’t travel without?

KM: Duct tape. I use it to patch holes in my bag and have used it to do the same in my clothing when I couldn’t find a needle and thread.

LR: What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen on a plane?

KM: Serendipity — I cried under the blankets.

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LR: What is your beverage of choice?

KM: Water, well maybe wine.

LR: What is your travel garment of choice?

KM: Jeans, a t-shirt and my vest.

LR: Did you like the movie Snakes on a Plane?

KM: Yes. People say I look like Samuel Jackson all the time.

LR: What’s the nearest you’ve come to death?

KM: I was in an emergency landing once in Vienna, Austria, but I was also in two car accidents where the car hit an oncoming car and ended up on the other side of the road. The time the car flipped over and we were upside down may count more. As a result, I value life to the fullest and live it as much as I can each day.

LR: Where are you dying to go that you haven’t been?

KM: I’ve been everywhere I’ve been “dying” to go. I have more places to go as I want to visit all of the countries in the world; 108 countries/geographic regions so far.

LR: If you had to choose, which of the 108 countries you’ve visited did you like the best?

KM: Oh that’s tough, but I love the U.K. the most. My favorite place on the planet is the South of France though — the Cannes area.

LR: What do you think inspired you to travel?

KM: My grandmother is the biggest influence. She herself is a traveler, although she never left Jamaica. I love people and am intrigued by what makes them tick. My fiends say I could talk to a flea.

LR: What do you miss most when you travel?

KM: Nothing. As I’m always traveling I keep in touch with everyone. I don’t have a home, so I can’t say my own bed!

LR: What travel app can’t you live without?

KM: Google Maps


LR: Dream travel companion? 

KM: Two friends from my previous job, we travel well together.

LR: Where would you most like to have a layover?

KM: London!

LR: Which destination ended up being better than expected?

KM: I try not to expect too much when I travel as all the places are different, so no answer here.

LR: Where was the most beautiful sunset you’ve seen?

KM: Costa Brava

LR: Writing or photography?

KM: Writing

LR: Cash or credit?

KM: A bit of both

LR: Coffee or tea?

KM: Tea

LR: Real name or nom d’ plume?

KM: Real name

LR: Coke or Pepsi?

KM: Neither — I don’t like carbonated drinks. rsz_224435_10151820233107049_306212645_n

LR: Buy new or carry extra?

KM: Buy new

LR: Hostel or hotel?

KM: Hotel

LR: iPhone or Droid?

KM: Droid

LR: Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune?

KM: Price is Right

LR: Luggage or backpack?

KM: Backpack

LR: Balut (raw chicken fetus) or Keviche (cow brain soup)?

KM: Nope

LR: City or beach?

KM: City

LR: Delhi belly or Montezuma’s Revenge?

KM: Delhi Belly

LR: Tic Tac Toe or Checkers?

KM: Tic Tac Toe

LR: Kids or pets?

KM: Kids

LR: Shark or bear (attack)?

KM: Neither, I love my limbs.


About the Author: Courtney McCaffrey

Courtney McCaffrey is a travel writer and editor based in Wilmington, N.C, Mexico and around the world. In addition to writing, she lives for travel - seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and surfing new waves.


  • Nice interview. Are those girls your staff members? Glad to learn your traveling perspective and look forward to more insights.

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