Fjord Cruise in Norway

Sleek mountainsides, wildflower-flooded fields, fishing villages and medieval cathedrals appear much like they were when people first inhabited the craggy coast during a cruise of the fjords of Norway.  It’s a land of contrasts, with deep-blue glaciers, lush forests, and panoramic fjords painting the landscape. Sparking the imagination of travelers, the Northern Lights and the glowing midnight sun have  mesmerized sailors for centuries.

The voyage exploring two of the most striking fjords in Norway – the Nærøyfjord and Sognefjord, starts by train from beautiful Bergen to Voss on the Bergen Railway. Once in Voss, you’ll board a bus with your shipmates and ride to Gudvangen to set sail on the Nærøyfjord. Meandering downstream, sharp mountainsides slide by and soaring peaks fill the horizon. Arriving in Kaupanger, you’ll board a bus to travel to the next leg of the cruise, transferring buses in Sogndal and making your way to Leikanger. Cruising along the utopian-like Sognefjord with its sheer cliff faces and cascading waterfalls, experience the Norwegian culture during stops in historic villages during the 5-hour voyage back to Bergen.

Getting there

Arrive in Norway from both transatlantic and European flights of WestJet, Air Transat, Porter Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa or other popular Airlines into Oslo Airport, Fornebu or Bergen Airport, Flesland. From Oslo Central station, train service is available for Bergen or, take the airport bus available from Bergen Airport Flesland to Bergen city center to catch the train en route to your cruise port. You can also rent a car or hail a taxi at the airport and enjoy the scenery along the coast to Bergen. And, several boat and ferry services offer transport from the airport to the city center. When arriving from other regions in the continent like London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam arrive by ferry from Oslo or Flam or use an express bus from Stavanger.