How to Spot a Flag-Jacker [VIDEO]



We asked a body language expert how to spot an American posing as a Canadian while traveling and made this video of his answer.

What do you think? Is this an accurate portrayal of the differences between the two countries? Is there a big enough difference to tell between them based only on mannerisms?

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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About the Author: Matt Gibson

Matt Gibson is the Let's Roll blog manager. He also writes for the Huffington Post,, and his own adventure travel blog.


  • That is hilarious! As a Canadian I definitely feel like Americans and usually Aussies have that pronounced body language of very strong confidence.

  • Hmmmm, i am an american citizen living permanently in italy. Have to say i never noticed a difference between americans or canadians in the way of mannerisms. I think cpeolle from american cities like new york, people walk faster and are in general a bit less open and friendly, even in their own city, but i think the traveler is by nature a more curious and open personality.that said, i have seen the ‘typical’ camera dragging, map reading, coke drinking americans but usually they are far from hostile. They stand out because of their silly habits. Painting a portrait of all Americans being aggressive is a bit dangerous i think. The average american is no different than the average canadian….here in italy the people loxve both americans and canadians. Maybe in the middle east its a different story. I would love to visit turkey for example, but my italian friends say no one should go there now with their situattion, not because i am american (but could pass for an italian any day). Just my 2 cents, or maybe 5 cents, lol.

  • Hilarious! Met a few flag jackers going through South America during the Bush years! I didn’t even need to carry a flag – people tended to know I was Canadian. There are some mannerisms that just make me obvious!

  • M husband is a retired Canadian Military that I am taking to the Dominician republic for his 65th birthday…perhaps an upgrade to 1st class would be possible on a red eye flight out of JFK… thank you for the consideration.

  • Solid case of US envy? That is hilarious! If it were US envy wouldn’t Canadian’s be the flag-jackers?? More like the other way around if you ask me. Actually, clearly the other way around.

  • I have to say that after reading the comments below…..some people just don’t get COMEDY!!! Get over yourselves people it’s humour and if you don’t like it then don’t watch that’s your choice but getting all bent out of shape because of some comments…..that tells me he’s maybe hitting close to the mark and you’re offended or maybe a little in denial!

  • U can tell an American easy——follow their garbage…………their arrogance, their lack of knowledge and respect for other countries and peoples……..I’m Canadian……please do NOT EVER call me American

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