Flamenco Beach

If you have ever pictured yourself swimming dreamily through turquoise waters while the silkiest white sand begs to be laid on, Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico is a must for you along with its thousands of visitors every year. Flamenco is a crescent-shaped beach located on Culebra Island,  reachable by plane or ferry which means your secluded and immaculate surroundings will continue to remain naturally beautiful. With an average temperature of 29°C and water temperature of 27.5°C, Flamenco’s 1.6 km of coastline attracts travelers lusting for the perfect beach day. Go snorkeling through the pristine coral reefs, explore the US naval tanks left from the 1970s, or just simply sip your piña colada into paradise.

Getting There

Venturing to the land where Caribbean pirates used to roam is easy when searching for the right flight. Visitors from all over the globe can fly into Puerto Rico’s three major international airports for with Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Carolina located closest to Flamenco. You can also fly from New York, Miami, Florida, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Hawaii to Puerto Rico or Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Halifax to Puerto Rico, Central America operated by Air Canada, Air Transat and American Airlines. From the international airport, travelers can either get onto a short flight to Culebra or venture forward as sea captains and take a ferry to Flamenco.