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You are heading to the fun and sunny city of Tampa with your family. And you know the kids will want some fun activities in between enjoying the great weather, beaches and delicious restaurants. That’s why we have lined up some great ideas and things to do for the kids and young adults, even the parents, while spending a joyous holiday in Tampa.

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A brilliant idea to add some fun and also physical activity to your kids’ holiday would be to spend a day at the Boing Fun Center. Here you can start the day by jumping trampoline and also spend some time playing fun games together in the arcade. When you’re all exhausted and tired from the games and jumps, you can sit down at their snack bar and enjoy some tasty pizza, wings and other perfect snacks. You are guaranteed to be popular with your kids if you take them here for the day!

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Another great spot in Tampa to burn off some stream and have some fun with the kids is at Bounce House. This is a perfect place for toddlers and kids up to 12-years-old. It is an inflatable playground where children can bounce, jump and slide in a safe space in the cool play centre. Bounce House is award winning and truly offers some of the best equipment, so your kids are guaranteed to have a fun time, and the parents guaranteed to relax having their kids play around in a safe environment.

Photo credit: Pirate Fashions

So this next one is a little different, but it will certainly provide some fun entertainment, or prepare you if you are in town for a Buccaneers game. Head on over to Pirate Fashions. This 5000 sq ft shop and manufacturing facilities houses the widest selection of pirate clothing, accessories and even weapons so you can transform yourself into an authentic pirate. But this isn’t your cheap Halloween costume shopping store, this stuff is great and unique. Definitely a store to see and explore while in Tampa!

Photo credit: American Victory and Ship Museum

If you want to ensure that your family also experiences some history and learns something on this trip, a good place to visit would be American Victory Ship and Museum. Aboard the American Victory Ship and Museum visitors will be aboard a fully-functioning 1940s era steamship. You can venture around and explore the history onboard like seeing the three level cargo holds, galley, weaponry, flying bridge, hospital and so much more. The entire family will be fascinated and learn something about the history of this ship and America.

Photo credit: Skate Park of Tampa

Next up, if you or someone in your family loves to skate, a really cool place to go is Skate Park of Tampa. Not only can you shop the nicest skater merchandise, but you can also find a skating course open to group skate lessons. Go to their website to find the hours when you can visit the course and show off some skills, maybe in some new awesome gear from their SPoT shop. They also have some cool pro events going on that might be fun to check out.

Photo credit: Adventure Family MotorSports Tampa

To finish up these fun experiences with the family in Tampa, how about some real action for the entire family – dirt biking. Adventure Family Motorsport has an 18 acre dirtbike ranch just north of Tampa, and they are the only company that offers private dirtbike training sessions. You are guaranteed to have so much fun here with the entire family.

We are pretty sure that we succeeded in giving you some excellent options for fun activities and experiences for the whole family in Tampa. Regardless of whether or not you make it to all of them, they will give your vacation an extra adventurous element that your family will never forget.


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