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When you visit a place with as much to do as Ibiza, how in the world do you start planning your trip? Some people might before spending as much time as possible in the waves or tanning on the beach. Others however might prefer a luxurious spa or even a yacht party that goes into the morning hours. With so many types of travelers I’ve helped you out and chose my picks for everyone. This list has it all, from the private yacht charters to the white sand beaches, adventurous watersports, raging parties, and more. Trust me, it was quite difficult choosing my favorites but it’s a job that must be done. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget your sunscreen!




Las Dalias Picture Credits: Las Dalias


If you prefer to keep your feet on dry land, there’s plenty of things for you to do in Ibiza too! Las Dalias is a flea market that’s been a part of island history since 1954. So much more than a market though, it’s part of the spirit and culture of modern Ibiza – and shouldn’t be missed! The market is composed of smaller markets that happen at different times of the year or on different days of the week. The hippy market, for example, happens every Saturday and is a daze of color, music, art, and some fascinating people. The night market runs during the summer and is a more relaxed (and not as hot) version of the daytime market. Of course there’s also seasonal events like the Christmas and Easter markets, where you’ll find some extra special items and vendors. Throw in some world class food and local live music and plan on adding this stop to your list!



2. P | ART Ibiza


Picture Credits: P | ART Ibiza


Looking for a dose of authentic Ibizian culture? Head to P|ART! You’ll find a collaborative art space that brings together many colors, textures, styles, and mediums. All put together they give visitors a bigger picture of the local culture and vibe. Photography, fashion, painting, sculpture, and even artisanal manufacturing all find a home here! More than a gallery, they also have a store with some pretty unique and inspiring finds. The vision at P|ART is to provide artists and makers a place to collaborate across regional and even international boundaries. Previous exhibitions include Illusions by artists Ana Rajcevic and Okuda San Miguel. Their visually striking work centers around the idea that art, at its core, is a visual illusion. Take a look at their website for a full list of what’s to come and what has already been. With the ever changing and evolving series of exhibitions shown here, there’s always something to learn!



3. Cirque de la Nuit Ibiza


Picture Credits: Cirque de la Nuit Ibiza


Cirque de la Nuit is a one in a lifetime party experience – all on a yacht! Everything takes place on Ibiza’s largest floating venue, fitting 350 guests. It’s really quite a party! Also available is a VIP area with capacity for 50+ people, so it’s a great (and exclusive) bonus too. The experience begins at 2:30PM with the pre-party check in, and goes well after sunset. Make sure you hydrate beforehand because you’ll be partying for quite awhile! With your ticket you get free open bar with beer, wine, cocktails, and water. The resident DJs will be playing on their state of the art sound system too so all you have to do is enjoy. There’s even a stop to swim with some giant inflatable toys so you’ll have a chance to cool off too. Top it off with Ibiza’s biggest champagne shower show in the evening and you’re set for a night you won’t forget.



4. Sup Ibiza

SUP IBIZA Picture Credits: Sup Ibiza


Sup Ibiza is great for people who want to do more than just look at Ibiza’s crystal clear water. It’s time to jump in! They take you out on stand-up paddle boats around the island to some of the most beautiful locations. The experts guiding you look for the best places, secret spots, caves and crystal waters for you to feast your eyes on! The goal is here to see the most authentic sides of Ibiza, instead of the most popular (and crowded) tourist beaches. Tours begin at 10am from the meeting point and you’re taken to the best location for that day. Of course factors like weather, season, and ocean conditions are considered so you can get the best experience possible. Tours on the water are around 2 hours and they also include transportation, paddle board lesson, and of course their expert guidance. All in all, the tour is about 4 hours of stunning natural beauty!



5. La Posidonia, Spa, Ibiza


La Posidonia, Spa, Ibiza Picture Credits: La Posidonia, Spa, Ibiza


Bluewater, blue skies, fresh sea air – is there anything better? If you love these things as much as I do, you really need to check out La Posidonia! This spa does some really spectacular treatments and the setting couldn’t be more beautiful. Their treatments are focused on relaxing your body, mind, and spirit and I can tell you that they really deliver too. The staff there is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and totally content speaking with you or leaving you in peace. You decide what would give you the best experience, of course! Also available is a highly recommended line of wholesome cosmetics that you can use at home too. They offer preventative, corrective, and protective products that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day! Don’t forget to pick up some environmentally friendly sunscreen while you’re there too. You’ll definitely be needing it on Ibiza’s pristine beaches!



6. Yacht Watersports


Picture Credits: Yacht Watersports


Can’t get enough of the water in beautiful Ibiza? Yacht Watersports has everything you could possibly want! They offer a 2.5 hour ride on a (gorgeous) luxury yacht with some of the most incredible views. Not to mention the 2 hours additional hours of some of the most popular water sport activities out there! They offer jet skis, flyboards, waterbikes, a 3-person paddle surfboard, a giant 7-person paddle surfboard, snorkeling equipment, and even a flying jet ski! And don’t worry, there are safety instructors on board so there’s no worry there either. The excursions are limited to 11 guests so there’s plenty to do for everyone. There’s so much, in fact, that they’ve even been voted the #1 thing to do in Ibiza! For those looking for a more relaxed (and less adventurous) experience, they also offer yacht excursions without the water activities as well.





Can’t get enough paddleboarding? I don’t blame you! Sup Paradise Ibiza is another great option to get out there and explore the beauty of the island. Their monitors were certified by the IOSUP in 2012 and are natives of the island. That means they are nuts about both the island and the sport of paddleboarding! These guys work exclusively with small groups (max of 12) so you can get all the personalized guidance you may need. Each tour starts with a lesson so there’s no need to be an expert before you begin either. After your first excursion on the paddleboard you return to the boat for a drink before starting your next journey… Snorkeling! Once you get your fill of the flora and fauna you’ll be taken back to port with lots of music, fresh fruit, and plenty of drinks. As an added bonus, all monitors are equipped with a GoPro so you don’t have to worry about taking pictures!



8. Be Charter Ibiza


Picture Credits: Be Charter Ibiza

Maybe you’re looking for a tour that you have a bit more control of. What about your own private yacht to cruise around in? Well that’s exactly what Be Charter Ibiza does, and it’s pretty cool. They have both sailing and motor yachts available for rent, and each come with their own skipper of course. No sailing experience is necessary! Each chartered yacht includes free drinks, a paddle board, snorkeling equipment, bluetooth for your music, towels, and of course a beautiful view. Who hasn’t dreamed of sailing across the clear blue water (with a martini in hand)? Plus, some of their yachts have capacities of 10-12 people so it makes the daily rental fee really affordable. So get some friends and/or family together and go explore the seas! Take a look at their website and start planning your route now. There’s a lot to see and a lot of beach just waiting for you!



9. Cotton Boats


Picture Credits: Cotton Boats


One of the best options for those looking for that ultimate chartered yacht experience, Cotton Boats must be on your list. They have several destinations you can choose from, including their own home port. The Cotton Beach Club offers luxury treatment as well as a world-class beach that’s free of seaweed and rocks. They also offer small boats without a captain. (Bareboat charter only possible for boats less than 33 feet.). Be sure to peruse their curated menus and enjoy their lavish service while you’re there! Something special about these guys is that they offer a charter option without a captain for the maximum amount of privacy. You do need the skills (and the documents) to be able to captain the boat yourself of course. These “bareboat” charters leave you in control of your itinerary and destination too! So bring the whole family, your group of friends, or maybe even that someone special. No matter who you’re with, you’re bound to have an unforgettable time.




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