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Thanks to smartphones, tablets, and mp3 players, we can now carry our entire music collections with us where ever we go. This is particularly nice while traveling, since we always have hours of music to listen to while on a long flight or while relaxing in a hotel room. But sometimes we want to listen to that music on something other than a pair of cheap earbuds, which is where a portable Bluetooth spark can come in handy. The Boom Swimmer is just such a gadget, offering solid sound in a unique, compact package. 

These days the market is saturated with portable Bluetooth speakers, which can make it tough to choose one. In order to stand out from the crowd, those speakers really need to bring something unique to the table. Boom designed the Swimmer with that in mind, giving it a unique shape that is sure to draw attention, while also making it surprisingly durable. The small speaker is waterproof, as well as dust and shock proof. That makes it an excellent travel companion, since you can take it to the beach, on a hike, or just about anywhere else you want to go. It’s ruggedized shell protects the device from damage and ensures that it’ll keep pumping out the tunes, even in challenging environments.

One of the Swimmer’s more interesting traits is its integrated “tail.” The flexible,  yet rigid, tail not only gives the user the ability to hang the speaker from just about any perch, but it also holds whatever shape you bend it into, opening up the possibilities even further. When combined with the Swimmer’s resistance to water, the speaker could, for example, be hung from the shower head for tunes in the tub. The tail can also be removed and replaced with a suction cup accessory that can be used in the right setting as well.


Of course, when buying a portable speaker the most important aspect to consider is audio quality. For its size, the Swimmer cranks out impressive sound, although it isn’t especially loud. Music and podcasts are crisp and clean, with the high and mid-ranges really shining through. The speaker struggles some in the low end however, with heavy bass causing a bit of distortion at higher volumes. This isn’t the kind of speaker that will fill a large room with overpowering audio, but it does a solid job of wirelessly playing back your music with a very rich and appealing sound.

Boom clearly had travelers in mind when they created the Swimmer. It’s ruggedized outer shell, small size, and good sound make it the perfect choice to carry with you on your next trip. Whether you’re headed to the beach, hiking a mountain trail, or lounging around your hotel pool, you’ll appreciate what this speaker brings to the table. It features large, easy to use buttons and a versatile tail that is certainly unique to Boom’s design. As with all Bluetooth devices these days, it is also a cinch to pair with your smartphone or other gadgets, allowing you to start playing music within seconds.

Make no mistake, there are other portable speakers that are louder and provide better overall sound quality. But Boom has priced the Swimmer very competitively, giving it a price tag of just $59.99. For all that it delivers, that makes this speaker a real bargain.

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