GoEuro: Could This Website Make European Travel Crazy Simple?



GoEuro When making travel plans, nothing’s worse than juggling ten different tabs on your browser while trying to remember which site had the lowest airfare, cheapest bus route or best train price.

GoEuro is a new travel website –  now in open beta – that aims to solve the problem of over-searching for travel deals in Europe.  If you’re looking for travel deals in Europe and are more worried about time than price, then GoEuro is the website that you’re looking for. The website compares flights, trains, busses and car rentals, so you can easily compare the prices and travel times of each option.

Lofty Goals

GoEuro strives to provide, “more knowledge, transparency, control, and power over trip planning.”  Customers choose their travel date and departure and destination city, town, or village. GoEuro then displays all travel options and includes hidden charges. For example, if you decide to fly, GoEuro will show you the cost of travelling to and from the airport in addition to the flight. The website will also show you the total travel time from start to finish, rather than only the duration of the flight. Best of all, GoEuro doesn’t charge any fees to the consumer; they simply link you to their travel partners where you can purchase your tickets or car rental. In turn, they receive a commission from the partner company for their referral. Because it’s new, GoEuro doesn’t have as much data as travellers desire. It’s very useful for travel within the UK, Germany or between the two, but when cities in other countries are searched, the results are usually limited to flights and driving time. As the website expands and more partnerships are made, GoEuro will become more of a one-stop travel site for trips throughout all of Europe and beyond.

Not Quite There Yet

The user experience on GoEuro does have some quirks, but that’s to be expected of a website that’s still in beta. Most of these will likely be ironed out fairly quickly. For example, the practice of linking travellers to other websites to book tickets can result in discrepancies between the price on GoEuro and on the vendor’s website. Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro, says that they are working to find a more convenient and direct way for consumers to purchase tickets in the future. The key to this story is the potential. If GoEuro continues down this path, travelers can expect comprehensive data for more European countries to be available soon as well as more language options. than German and English.

Do you think the features on GoEuro would be useful? Would you try it?

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