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Photo credit: Bernard Spragg

Calgary is Alberta‘s great cosmopolitan city with big skyscrapers and constant growth as it is the centre of Canada‘s oil industry. This also means that when you visit Calgary there will be endless things to do and see as this is a vibrant city continuously-evolving being an excellent place for a vacation! So let’s go to Calgary for 72 hours together!

Day 1:

Photo credit: Hotel Elan

Begin this trip by finding yourself an amazing hotel. And we completely recommend Hotel Elan which is a beautiful boutique hotel. Whether yo are in town for business or pure pleasure this is your perfect accommodation as it has all the amenities for a comfortable stay with stylish furniture and beautiful bathrooms, but it also has private in-suite meeting spaces for those traveling to Calgary for business. We hope though that you are in town for pleasure, because we have so much fun ahead of us!

Photo credit: Heart Choices Vegan

Just like finding the perfect hotel, let’s find the perfect spot for your first meal in Calgary. Find your way to Heart Choices Thai Vegan Café. This was one of the first all vegan cafes to come to Calgary, and it is delicious! Throughout the day serving wholesome delicious Thai dishes made entirely plant-based and also lots of Western comfort classes. Now they also serve breakfast, and boy, is it good! Try the chick’un and waffles or the breakfast burritos. You will not be disappointed!

Photo credit: Lougheed House

Now let’s go start exploring Calgary. To learn about some rich Calgary history may we suggest you visit Lougheed House. Located on 2.8 acres of free gardens you will find a 14,000 square foot Victorian mansion with evolving exhibits, a museum and a shop as well as a restaurant where you can enjoy a brunch or lunch. This is where to go for cultural happenings and programs and to get a feel for the history of the area.

Photo credit: Chinese Cultural Centre

Another excellent spot to explore something different, fun and learn about a part of Calgary history is the Chinese Cultural Centre. Here you will find a museum within the cultural centre that showcases the rich history of Calgary’s Chinatown, the establishments of the Cultural Centre and traditional Chinese artifacts. They also have their upcoming annual Lunar New Year Festival, so if you are in Calgary late January and Februar make sure to look up this celebration where there will be games, handicrafts, performances, marketplace, lion dancers and much more.

Photo credit: Open Range Steak House

Dinner time in Calgary. Let’s head to Open Range Steak House. This is a fantastic restaurant in Calgary serving delicious food using local ingredients with a South Western twist. This is true comfort food, and all their burgers are handmade, and they also make their own sauces, ketchups and rubs which are sooo good! We couldn’t think of a better spot to eat on your first night in Calgary.


Day 2:

Photo credit: 4th Street Calgary

Start the second day of exploring Calgary on Fourth Street. This is one of the most happening streets in Calgary. There is always something going on, and you can find numerous cool shops and restaurants with a ton of atmosphere. They also have a yearly festival and frequent events taking place, so do check the schedule for events during your visit!

Photo credit: CORE Shopping

Let’s face it, we all love some good shopping when we are traveling, so let’s hit up another awesome shopping spot. Located right in downtown Calgary, Core Shopping Centre is the place to go! Open all seven days of the week this cool shopping mall has tons of restaurants, stores and events taking place, so you will never be bored spending some time (or entire day) right here.

Photo credit: Cibo 17th AVE

It is lunch time, and we hope you’re hungry! Today you will eat a tasty lunch at Cibo. There is two Cibo locations in town depending on what you’re looking for. At the one on 10th Avenue and 8th Street you can go to taste some award-winning pizza, and if you head to the one on 17th Ave downtown you will find a perfect casual Italian restaurant. Right now they have a lunch board where you can create your perfect meal for a super affordable price. This food is tasty!

Photo credit: Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

Next up, a must when you’re in Calgary, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. This is an international award-winning facility that houses over 40,000 square feet with 12 galleries, dozens of hands-on interactive exhibits and also a collection of 100,000 artifacts. This is a perfect spot to go, especially if you’re visiting in the colder climate, to have some fun and learn about and from some of the best athletes.

Photo credit: James Joyce Irish Pub and Restaurant

Your second day in Calgary isn’t over. You have to go fill up on some great food and drinks. So go visit James Joyce Irish Pub. Serving both delicious food and the best drinks in a unique environment, this pub is staying true to the tradition of authentic pubs in Ireland. James Joyce Irish Pub and Restaurant is an excellent place to relax after a great day in Calgary and soak in the atmosphere while eating great food and drinking some ice-cold drinks!

Day 3:

Photo credit: Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art

Calgary truly has something for everyone and being a constant growing cosmopolitan town there is also spectacular contemporary art to be explore. We suggest two excellent galleries in town. Start at Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art which is one of North America‘s leading contemporary art galleries. They represent prominent international, Canadian and Albertan artists. They have paintings, sculptures and photography. Next, go to Wallace Galleries. This is a great dynamic gallery in Calgary also showcasing spectacular contemporary art from Canadian painters, sculptors, printmakers and ceramicist.

Photo credit: The Calgary Farmer’s Market

Then, spend the last afternoon getting a better feel for the local happenings and fun in Calgary. Stop by The Calgary Farmer’s Market. Here you will find amazing local produce and products. They have a large food hall with 20 restaurants to choose from, 75 vendors where you can find produce, art, meat, organic goods, jewelry and lots more. There is also special events happening frequently, so make sure to check the calendar when you are visiting Calgary!

Photo credit: AVRO Museum

Next up, go to Avro Museum. Long dedicated to preserving and presenting some of the many accomplishments of A.V. Roe Canada as a world leader in the early age of jet aircraft, this museum is definitely for those loving some history and aircrafts. After tremendous research they have pieced together the stories of Avro’s accomplishments and the people behind. This is not just a regular open museum, so make sure to check when and if it is possible to go see this work during your trip to Calgary.


Photo credit: Black Apron

We are approaching the end of your Calgary trip, but we won’t let you leave on an empty stomach. And this restaurant will not let you down! Go to Black Apron for a truly unique dining experience. At Black Apron they do not cook with a specific style or trend, but they are changing things up and will cook exactly what you would like. Yes, you heard that right! Of course they will advice you, and they have some sample menus on their website that you can pick apart and put together, but ultimately allowing you to create your menu with the expertise of two immensely talented and experienced chefs.

Wow, how great is Calgary? These 72 hours have surely flown by, but we promise that if you return again, which we know you will, there is even more to do. This city just has it all!


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