Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is a top destination for a visitor who craves tranquil moments spent exploring nature’s wonders or calmly watching crystal waters lap at their feet. This stunning Antiguan beach is truly a hidden gem with luxury meant only for a treasure island of emerald waters and golden sunlight. Almost a 1.6-kilometer length spread of soft pink sands meet gem-like waters which cater to windsurfing adventurers or snorkeling explorers alike. Half Moon Bay Beach is considered not only one of Antigua’s top beaches but the world’s top tropical destinations. And, it’s not hard to believe with an average of 10 hours of sunshine a day and temperatures ranging around 27.7°C. Perfect views and perfect weather combine to make this beach a very special and serene destination.

Getting There:

Getting to this dreamy island is not as hard as it may seem, though, the seclusion of the beach makes it a bit more difficult. Travelers can fly directly into Antigua’s three airports, V C Bird being the international airport in the area. You can also fly from Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, Montreal and Calgary to Antigua or New York, Boston, Chicago, Florida, Miami, San Francisco and Hawaii to Antigua, Caribbean operated by Air Canada, WestJet, American Airlines. The best way from the airport to Half Moon Bay is by taxi, or rental car if you prefer to drive yourself. If tranquil and quiet settings are what you hope for, the beach is worth every second of the travel.