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At FlightNetwork we revel in the weird side of travel and so naturally we love the emphasis on strange and spooky stuff at Halloween.  Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve, our latest poll investigated haunted destinations in Canada, with Canadian travellers selecting the places they consider to be the most haunted.

1. Banff Springs Hotel, Banff AB – 29%

Haunted Destinations in Canada Banff Springs Hotel
Banff Springs Hotel – photo by Jyle Dupuis

The Banff Springs Hotel tops the list for the second year running. Built in 1887, there have been many different ghost stories here. Some guests have reported seeing a bellman walking through walls, moving luggage or unlocking rooms.  Workers claim to have seen a bride dancing alone in the dining room.  Paranormal researchers have captured images in which they believe paranormal presences are visible.

2. HI Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ottawa ON – 11%

Haunted Destinations in Canada HI Ottawa Jail Hostel
HI Ottawa Jail Hostel – photo by mamachariphotos

The jail was operational for a hundred years and many prisoners died here. Visitors should not be surprised to hear crying and screaming at night or have their clothes scattered.

One hostel guest swore he’d felt the weight of a body across his legs. Another complained of so much kicking from under the bed that he had to leave.

3. Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria BC – 10.4%

Haunted Destinations in Canada Craigdarroch Castle
Craigdarroch Castle – photo by Raul Pachego-Vega

Constructed in the 1890s, the owner died before the mansion was completed. The piano plays by itself after visiting hours. There have been sightings of a phantom woman in white standing alone by a window.

One visitor claims to have a picture in which the ghosts of two young boys and a woman are reflected in a mirror in a room that servants once occupied.

4. Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg MB – 10.4%

Haunted Destinations in Canada Fort Garry hotel Winnipeg
Fort Garry Hotel – photo by StephenZacharias

Legend has it that a woman hung herself in the closet of room 202 upon learning that her husband had died in a car crash.  Ever since, cleaners have been reporting seeing the walls bleeding, the windows shattered, bloody footprints on the bed and being locked out.

5. Blood Alley in Gastown, Vancouver BC – 8.8%

Haunted Destinations in Canada Blood Alley Vancouver
Blood Alley – photo by Leeroy 09481

Blood Alley is a gritty Gastown throughway named for the buckets of blood spilled on the cobblestones by the many butchers who ran businesses there at the turn of the 20th century, when payday muggings, murders and robberies were commonplace. These have supposedly left a horror-filled psychic energy throughout the alley

6. Fort Henry, Kingston ON – 8.8%

Haunted Destinations in Canada Fort Henry Kingston
Fort Henry – photo by Vlad Litvinov

Once an active colonial fort, it is now preserved as a historic site. The fort is said to be actively haunted by at least two ghosts.

People have claimed to see an injured ghost in the dry ditch where a rifleman allegedly died. A French general who was kidnapped and hanged by the British is said to haunt the grounds and is assumed to be responsible for inexplicable objects being moved. People have seen a rocking chair rocking of its own accord and objects violently moving through the bakery.

7. The Massey/Keg Mansion, Toronto ON – 6.9%

Haunted Destinations in Canada Keg Mansion Toronto
Keg Mansion – photo by diamondrefractionindex

Now a steakhouse, legend has it when it was the Massey mansion, a family servant hanged herself in the front foyer after the death of the Masseys’ only daughter, Lillian. It is believed that Lillian was protecting her from a dark secret. There are also reports that the second floor ladies washroom is haunted.

8. Old Halifax Courthouse, Halifax NS – 5.4%

Haunted Destinations in Canada Old Halifax Court House
Old Halifax Court House – photo by Simon P

Stored in a dark room on the upper story of the building are pieces of the old Halifax gallows, on which many of the city’s more infamous criminals met their end. Many years ago, a building janitor ran terrified and shaking from the room, swearing he had seen a ghost, and vowing never to return to the room again – a promise he reportedly kept.

9. The Deane House, Calgary AB – 4.1%

Haunted Destinations in Canada Deane House Calgary
Deane House – photo by Robert Thivierge

Originally the home of Police Superintendent Richard Burton Deane, it is currently a restaurant and attraction. People have reported hearing laughter in empty rooms, smelling tobacco although the entire house is smoke-free, and an antique phone spontaneously ringing, though not plugged in. Legend has it there is a bloodstain in the attic that changes in size, and reappears regardless of the number of times it has been washed.

Other Haunted Destinations in Canada – 10.7%

Haunted Destinations in Canada Parliament Buildings Ottawa
Parliament Buildings – photo by Konrad Glogowski

Some respondents suggested their own haunted places in Canada. Our favourite response suggested that the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa MUST be haunted due to all the backstabbing that occurs there.

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