Here’s How to Spend 72 Hours in Hong Kong



If you’re looking for the perfect destination to explore over a weekend, Hong Kong is a great option to consider. This is an exciting city full of delicious food, great attractions, and you can cover a lot of sights in 72 hours. Keep reading to see how to best spend 72 hours in Hong Kong!

Visit the Kowloon Area  

Kowloon is a popular part of Northern Hong Kong. You can spend a good bit of time here during your 72-hour stay. If you’re a fan of temples, you’ll enjoy the gorgeous Wong Tai Sin Temple. It’s brightly colored and is home to 3 religions! You should also spend time in the district of Mong Kok, which has great affordable street food to enjoy. Try the stinky tofu! Check out some hidden treasures in the Sham Shui Po district. This is a less busy market area where you can find the perfect items to bring home.

Watch the Symphony of Lights Show

If you want to see something impressive, you must watch the Symphony of Lights Show. This free show features lights and music and is the perfect way to enjoy the skyline of Hong Kong.

Shop at Causeway Bay

If you really want to get your shopping on, Causeway Bay is where to visit. Here you can find the perfect high-quality shopping goods that you’re after. When you’re tired after a day of shopping, there are restaurants nearby.
You’ll be sure to enjoy your weekend in Hong Kong. Make sure that you do the above activities so that you can have a memorable 72 hours.


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