Horseshoe Bay

At Horseshoe Bay, turquoise meets pink in a splendor of colors to feast your eyes upon. Ordained with pink sands, Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda is hailed as the most famous and beloved of all the beaches, making it an endless honeymoon. Explore its rock creations, hideaway caves, and jagged terrain to escape the tide or head towards the waves. It appears to be remote alongside serene nature — and with your feet are in the sand, you’ll think you’re on your own island. But, it’s just a short distance from delicious seafood restaurants and ice cream treats.

Getting There:

Bermuda is an easy destination to fly into, accessible via nonstop flights from Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and San Diego. From New York City, it is a short 90-minute flight. You can fly with Delta Airlines, Air Canada and American Airlines directly into Bermuda. Residents of Canada can travel from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. The heavenly beach of Horseshoe Bay is located on the southwest shore, only 20 minutes from the dockyard and 30 minutes from the airport. Make the trip by taxi, scooter, or public transportation with a shuttle that consistently runs from the dockyard.