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At, we understand that travel can be difficult – sometimes downright unpleasant.  Some travelers, however, have figured out how to improve their experience by  learning how to get freebies and upgrades when they fly.  Mark Bowden of TruthPlane, Inc. – an internationally renowned body language expert who consults for top-tier public speakers ranging from leaders of industry to leaders of countries — says you too can be an upgrade champion.  All it takes is learning what non-verbal signals you might be sending, and practicing the effective ones.

You might not be aware that your smile is unwittingly hostile-looking, that when you lean toward someone you’re being viewed as aggressive even though you meant well!  Mark tells us the keys to making friends and influencing the airline employees.  Turn that frown upside and get ready to be surprised by the results.  To learn more, watch the video above or, if you’re the reading type, check out Mark’s quick tips, and become a travel expert yourself.

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