KangaRide: The Best Budget Travel Service in Canada?



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In these troubled economic times, many people are looking for cheaper and more economic ways to travel. One of the most popular methods is carpooling. Packing into a car for an exciting road trip is one of life’s simple pleasures. Carpooling has several major benefits. Not only does it save travelers money on gas, it is also great for the environment. Fewer cars on the road mean decreased pollution and cleaner air. Carpooling also reduces the stress of driving by lowering traffic and highway congestion.

Enter Kangaride

KangaRide is a Canadian website service for connecting drivers and passengers across the country. Carpoolers simply post rides on the Kangaride website while travelers search for a ride that suits their needs. Think Couchsurfing.org for carpoolers

Kangaride is very affordable, costing only $7.50 per member — less than a bus pass. They are student focussed, offering students a free six-month membership. Because of this Kangaride is growing quickly in popularity among college and university students. People who have jobs that involve a great deal of traveling will also find Kangaride to be incredibly useful. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to travel in Canada — much more affordable than taking your own car, flying, or traveling by train or bus.

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A Growing Community

Kangaride is quickly growing a tightly-knit community. Only people with valid contact information and a verified drivers license can use the website. All users are vetted to ensure that KangaRide has the highest quality membership base possible.

Kangaride emphasizes customer satisfaction. It guarantees that you will be completely satisfied. If not, they will refund your money. The company also emphasizes reliability and safety. All drivers and members are closely monitored to ensure that they always provide good service.

Members can also rate and review other members so  that, anyone who is preparing for a ride can read about others’ experiences with the driver. Users also have the ability to protect their private information. Their email address will only be displayed if they authorize Kangaride to do so.

The Company

The company was founded by Marc-Oliver Vachon and Edith Bisson. Anemphasis on quality control, customer service, and efficiency have all contributed to Kangaride’s success.

Vachon summed up the company’s philosophy by saying, “Ridesharing is social travelling – it starts with people who don’t know each other and turns into a road trip. Students were early adopters of our service because so many of them go home or head to a big city for the weekend, so there are always a lot of rides that start and end on university campuses. Plus, Kangaride is convenient, fast, and less expensive than the bus. While Kangaride is now used by a broad spectrum of users, it’s safe to say that students were the ones who allowed us to reach critical mass.”

What Customers Say

From what users are saying, KangaRide has achieved many of it’s goals. Victor from Ottawa said Kangaride is “an awesome service, very simple, easy, and efficient”. Xochitl of Montreal said, “I am new using Kangaride and I think it is excellent to travel through Canada… you can meet interesting people!”

For those traveling in Canada on a budget, KangaRide is definitely worth a look.

What do you think? Could KangaRide  grow into a commonly used service like CouchSurfing? Would you try it?

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  • Hmmm…never heard of Kangaride before but sounds pretty awesome. I would definitely try it.

  • at 51, I think I recognize age discrimination when I see it. And although I am a fulltime student, this description tells me that I am not what they are going for. I would like a ride to Penticton B.C. (or close to there) as my 2nd. grandchild is being born there today, but I will probably have to pass on the whole Idea .Im just soooo old!

  • Hi Jackie. Perhaps the article didn’t explain it well, but KangaRide is a service that helps people to connect people with each other. It is the individuals who choose the people they’d like to ride with, not KangaRide.

    The reason this is popular with students is simply because students often can’t afford their own cars. That’s all.

    I haven’t personally tried KangaRide, but I have used other communities like Couchsurfing.org and I can tell you that most people in communities like this are open, respectful, and friendly.

    I don’t think your age would be a problem at all! You should give it a try!

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