Koh Lanta, Thailand in Off Season – The Pros and Cons


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The summer months in Canada (June, July and August) are the rainy season in Thailand. Should you plan your getaway to the island of Koh Lanta during this time of year?

We visited Koh Lanta during July and these are the advantages and disadvantages we experienced during the low season:


You Will Have the Beach to Yourself

Having kilometre after kilometre of virtually empty beach to explore seems like something that would only exist in a fantasy, but on Koh Lanta during low season the seashore is completely free of crowds. For the entire week we were there I don’t remember seeing another person on the beach outside of our resort, which is perfect if you crave quiet, uninterrupted strolls in the sand.

The empty Koh Lanta Beach
The empty Koh Lanta Beach

Prices Will be Cheaper

Off season is the time of year when you will be able to find great deals on your accommodation. We stayed at Lanta Miami Resort, in a bungalow a stone’s-throw from the sea, for less than $40 Cad per night. Our bungalow had air conditioning and a private bathroom and the resort had a beachside patio and infinity pool.

The Nights Will be Peaceful and Quiet

If you are looking to get away from it all and experience relaxing tranquility, visiting Koh Lanta during off season will be perfect for you. At night only the sound of the waves broke the silence. Most restaurants were empty or held a handful of other diners. There were nights when we felt like the only two people on the island.

We had the infinity pool all to ourselves.
We had the infinity pool all to ourselves.

You Will Get to Know the Locals

With fewer tourists around, Koh Lanta goes back to being a simple rural Thai island, with life carrying on in the same way it did many decades ago. This is a great opportunity to get to know the locals and understand their way of life. Eat in the local restaurants, rent a scooter and explore the smaller villages, help collect  clams during low tide and play soccer with the local children.


The Quiet Will Get Boring

At first it is lovely to experience such a peaceful atmosphere, but after a while you might find yourself craving some social interaction. There were no fire dance shows, buffets, parties, theme nights, pub crawls or the other entertainment you will find on some of the busier islands. If you feel like you want some evening social interaction during your stay, visit Koh Lanta during high season or visit one of the more active islands like Koh Phi Phi.

Nice beaches, but not much happening
Nice beaches, but not much happening

The Weather Will be Rainy

They don’t call it the rainy season for nothing. Although there will be plenty of sunshine during the months of June, July and August, you will also experience several downpours. It is a heavy, sudden warm tropical rain that leaves you running to find shelter when the heavens start to open up. It will usually rain for an hour or two during the day, then the weather will clear up again. However, while we were there it sometimes rained through the night, which resulted in a soggy beach the next morning. If you have your heart set on sweltering hot days and endless sunshine, visit during high season.

Doing some writing work on the beach
Doing some writing work on the beach

If you don’t mind a little rain and you are looking for a quiet, tranquil escape where you can experience rural Thai life with very few other tourists around, Koh Lanta during low season is perfect for you. If you want guaranteed sunshine, beach parties and plenty of social atmosphere, you’re better off booking during the high season.

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