Lanikai Beach

Lanikai means “heavenly sea” — and this beach is aptly named. It’s considered a “Hawaiian secret” as its exquisite waters make even the most seasoned of travelers stand in awe. Its calm waters allow for a number of watersports from kayaking to paddle boarding. Its colorful backdrop encourages photographers from around the world to visit and capture a bit of the beauty. Warm waters and whimsical peaks of mountain ridges in the background will intrigue you. Experts say that the best stretch of this beloved beach is right before Oneku Drive, a local treasure of Hawaii meant for exploration and tropical delights.

Getting There

Lanikai is located on the east side of Oahu, Hawaii, within the community of Lanikai. To get to Oahu, book a flight to the major Hawaiian airport of Honolulu International Airport. Get Cheap flights from  Toronto, Vancouver, New york and Florida. Travelers can fly into Hawaii from any Canadian, American or International airport by major airlines American Airlines, United and Air Canada. Residence of USA can also fly directly from Boston, Calgary, Las Vegas and Orlando. Once there, drive down to Lanikai in rental car and park along Mokulua or take public transport from the airport. The locals will point you in the right direction – it’s right past Kailua Beach.